Bixby wants to be a lawyer: the story of a virtual assistant that doesn't shut up in court


Two weeks ago, Samsung finally launched its Bixby Voice service, which was reaching a point of being “highly anticipated”, if only so we could see if it's as awesome as Sammy implied it would be. Community response is generally mixed — sure, Bixby can access tons of system settings and pretty much allows you to control your phone with your voice, which is cool. It's a bit slow, but still cool.

Unfortunately, it seems that Bixby is so eager to help that it may activate itself when you least want it. A story thread is trending on Reddit, where a lawyer explains how she was giving a closing statement with her Galaxy S8 tucked in her bra (suit jacket's pockets are sewn shut) when her phone, although on silent, began talking back. “I'm having trouble, please tell me your verbal password” the phone demanded over and over again until the lawyer had to reach in and pull it out to turn it off.

Granted, social media stories should always be taken with a grain of salt. On the other hand, it's understandable why users that share such embarrassing stories would rather stay anonymous instead of going through all the hoops to prove that they really happened.

Other users chimed in, claiming that Bixby Voice often triggers during car rides when they are listening to the radio or conversing with another passenger. As of writing this, they have all been topped by the embarrassing story of one user “pandasgorawr”, who was in a meeting with a client when Bixby got activated, looked up an article on an STD and started reading out the symptoms. Cute!

Again, some of these stories may stray from the truth, but hey — at least they are a fun read. Are you having problems with your Bixby assistant?

source: Reddit

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