Big Red pushes Palm Pre Plus as a great phone for...Mom?

Big Red pushes Palm Pre Plus as a great phone for...Mom?
When Verizon and Google marketed the Motorola DROID, they employed an "in-your face" style aimed at the cellphone loving, i-Phone comparing, Android lusting techie. The ads were about things that the DROID Does which for the most part were things that cellphone fans would be excited about. Now comes the Palm Pre Plus and Verizon and Palm take a different tack. The webOS device is softer, rounded, not a square piece of tech heaven. So the Pre Plus ads target the phone to...Mom. No, the tag line is not, "So easy even a Mom can do it" but it could have been. The actual line is "The 3G Smartphone smart enough for Mom". So it looks like the carrier wants to push the feminine side of the Pre Plus, figuring that the men would go for the DROID.

Check out two spots in the videos below. One is a Valentine's Day ad and the other is, well, you have to see it for yourself. We just wonder if the spots sort of emasculate the men out there using the Pre Plus.

Palm Pre Plus Specifications | Review

source: precentral

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