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Best phones of MWC 2011: PhoneArena's pick

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Best phones of MWC 2011: PhoneArena's pick

This year's Mobile World Congress didn't bring any surprising innovations but rather even more of the touchscreen Android hype. Almost every manufacturer showed a smartphone with some version of Android in it and tablets were hardly an exception. Phones are still the most common pocketable gadgets, but with so many similar handsets out there you might be wondering which one you should choose. Well, we hand-picked the finest phones of the congress, so you don't get lost in the countless announcements!

But before we start, we have to mention that much of the show was stolen by Friday's Nokia Windows Phone 7 adoption announcement. This meant no new phones by Nokia at the show and practically an idle year in terms of new devices for the biggest phone maker in the world! With that in mind, let's skip to the best phones of MWC 2011:

Best phones of MWC 2011: PhoneArena's pick
1. Samsung Galaxy S II – first comes the Samsung Galaxy S II. Posters of the handset were all around the place and deservedly so – Sammy's first dual-core offering builds on the success of the super successful Galaxy S. But this time with a bigger screen and even sleeker body as the phone will probably be one of the thinnest on the market!

2. LG Optimus 3D – the LG Optimus 3D cracked the benchmarks with its dual-core dual-channel architecture and got the second place. In addition, glasses-free 3D still feels surreal. We think it is still a niche offering, but more and more people will consider the additional dimension and all the possibilities it offers.

3. Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play – Sony Ericsson made a couple of interesting announcements, but undoubtedly the XPERIA Play was the focus of all attention. The PlayStation Certified handset showed its gaming power and we loved it. The controllers were very comfortable with a very distinct clicking feel. With 50 tailor-made titles available on launch, this handset will certainly end up in many gamers' pockets.

4. HTC Incredible S – HTC's offerings at MWC didn't break ground as the announced devices didn't have the punchy words “dual-core” in their spec sheets. But nevertheless this update of HTC's lineup is welcome as it adds more power and style to the Android lineup with its 1GHz Qualcomm CPU and intriguing “Inside out” design.

Special credit goes to:

- HP Pre 3 – it was announced a couple of days before the start of the Mobile World Congress and that's the main reason why it's not in our list. But we couldn't help but mention the new Pre, one of the most exciting debuts this year. WebOS looks gorgeous on a 3.6-inch screen and with even bigger keyboard, this little gem could be HP's opportunity to build on Palm's fame and enter the smartphone market. The only downer – you'll have to wait for it until this Summer.

Best phones of MWC 2011: PhoneArena's pick

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