Best iPhone XS Max leather cases

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Best iPhone XS Max leather cases
Apple's newest iPhone XS Max is proving more popular than its way more compact sibling, the XS, and if you are splurging for Apple's most expensive handset, you might want to snag a case right away, too. Apple Repair now charges $329 for a cracked XS Max screen out of warranty, and the whopping $599 for a broken back, so a case becomes doubly imperative.

What better way to wrap Apple's largest, most precious phone to date in a quality leather case that will suit its elegant upbringing. This is why we are rounding up some of the best leather wrappers you can get for the iPhone XS Max right now, as the ones that fit the iPhone X, also fit the XS without any stretching or padding to speak of.

Apple iPhone XS Max Leather Case

Designed by Apple itself, this iPhone XS Max case is crafted with "tanned and finished European leather," but they all say that. We kid, but Apple's solution is indeed quality leather, lined with microfiber for added protection against scratches. Needless to say, it is also thin enough to let wireless charging pass through it, and comes in no less than eight color versions, including a Product (RED) one to soothe your tri-color iPhone XS Max pains if you don't like your phones in black, white or golden.

Mujjo full leather Wallet case for iPhone XS Max

Mujjo is no stranger to quality mobile accessories and has been making upscale touchscreen-friendly gloves for years already, specializing so well that it offers one of the greatest bangs for the buck in the category. That expertise transfers to the Mujjo cases for popular handsets like the iPhone, and now it is a turn of the new XS Max to receive their first full-grain leather wrappers from Mujjo.

Lined with Japanese microfiber to prevent abrasions, the cases fit like a glove and offer raised 1mm lip all around the phone for added protection. Besides the precise cutouts for all the ports, openings, sensors, and buttons, Mujjo's leather cases maintain the classy look by eschewing plastic rings for, say, the camera and finger scanner openings, but rather developed chamfered leather edges that slope seamlessly inwards. The cases are now fully wrapped in the premium material for a classier look, too.

Now, off to the skinning itself. Mujjo uses vegetable-tanned leather which is waxed for added endurance, and the full-grain look leaves a remarkable impression, both in the eye of the beholder and in the palm. Mujjo promises that it "wears in with every use and acquires a beautiful patina and polish over time," and, judging from its similar cases for previous Phones, it has a point. The full-grain leather cases for your XS Max start from $49.95, with worldwide shipping, or via authorized resellers. Hit the link if those pretty wrappers that come in Black, Olive or Tan, have piqued your interest.

Nomad Rugged Leather Case for iPhone XS Max

Have you heard of the famous Horween tanneries in Chicago? Neither did we, but when we dug up Nomad's claims that this is one of America's oldest tannery, and your Nomad leather case for the iPhone XS Max would develop crazy vintage patina over time, we were all ears. That's not only because of the premium leather material, but also since this year's edition is slimmer, and it has retained the 6-feet drop protection of its predecessors. Yep, the Nomad Rugged Leather Case for iPhone XS Max is drop-certified, so not only will your precious look good, but stay safe in the process, too. The case is also availble in black as a rugged folio, and even comes in a tri-folio version, if you are so inclined.

Burkley Magnetic Detachable Leather Wallet case for the iPhone XS Max ($49)

Looking svelte in several colors, this Burkley classic lets you carry your iPhone XS Max slipped in a leather case AND wrapped in a wallet folio. The folio wrapper is detachable, so you can easily leave it at home, or separate it from your iPhone to serve as a simple wallet when not needed. It can house several credit cards and a few Benjamins as well, so you'll be covered in a case of emergency. 

Attaching the parts is magnetic, so no slipping or hooking is required, plus you can use the folio part as a kickstand. The genuine leather is handcrafted to receive this aged "Burnished Tan" look that will only get more vintage with age.

Grip Rider iPhone XS Max Leather Case

The wrappers from Vaja are never cheap, but they offer some unique takes on the good ol' leather case, like this here Grip Rider. Guaranteed to help your traction and look cool in the process, the Grip Rider is leather-lined as well. The rear pattern also helps cushioning the blow better during falls, compared to the other smooth leather finishes - it's like falling wrapped in a pillow.

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