Best thin and light iPhone XS and Max cases you can get right now

Best thin and light iPhone XS and Max cases you can get right now
With Apple's new gear starting at $999 for the basic 64 GB model of the XS and going all the way up to $1459 for the 512GB version of the XS Max, and their repair services more expensive now, you might want to order a case before the handsets hit your front porch.

Thin, light, clear, rugged or leather - there are already cases from most major manufacturers for your precious iPhone XS and XS Max, including Apple's official ones. Condom jokes aside, there are ultrathin iPhone wrappers out there that take the "barely there" term to the next level. The new Apple iPhone XS and Max come clad in a gorgeous durable glass, and in a new golden color, and you might want to leave their bodies shine, instead of stuffing them into an ugly, bulky wrapper.

No worries, those thin and light cases will still bear the brunt when your iPhone XS or XS Max hit the ground. As we all know, it's not a matter of if, but rather when. Moreover, the thinner the case, the more likely it is that the wireless charging pads that now serve iPhones as well will be able to get through to the internal coils, so here are the best minimalist cases you can get for the iPhone XS and XS Max at the moment. 

Unsurprisingly, the cases for iPhone X would also fit the XS, so you can just use the X links below, or check out our own "best for iPhone X" case roundup, too.

The best slim and clear iPhone XS and XS Max cases you can get right now

Peel ($25)

Free of any branding, and just 0.35mm thin, Peel is the ultimate minimalism when it comes to cases, as it wraps seamlessly around your iPhone. A subtle lip protects the protruding camera lens, and that's that. It's all you need to know about Peel's creations, which are perhaps your best bet when it comes to searching for the thinnest, lightest iPhone XS and XS Max wrapper that still provides adequate protection while fitting in your skinny jeans.

Totallee the Scarf ($25)

Another staple when it comes to minimalist, thin, light and clear cases, and with a name that involves scarf, you can bet that this Totallee creation is incredibly slim and airy. This one comes with both clear see-through versions and a variety of colors, like navy blue, for a bit of extra pizzazz.


Another 0.35mm case, the Veil by Caudabe is an easy favorite, especially considering its pricing. It's not a clear case, though the Frosty version is pretty close, but is available in several colors that perfectly match the iPhone XS and XS Max hues, with more colors like red or blue for those who like to spice things up.

Spigen Air Skin ($19.99)

Some case makers claim "barely there" cases, but Spigen's Air Skin line really walks the walk. Made by hardened polypropylene - you know, the stuff that plastic shopping bags are made of, it would literally fit like a glove around the iPhone XS, and while reviewing it we loved the thin, stylish, and unassuming protection it offers without obstructing the phone's curves or looks. Unfortunately, the XS model can be ordered right now as it is the same as the X version, but for the XS Max Air Skin, you might have to wait a bit more.

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