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The best cases for iPhone X: thin, stylish, protective

The best cases for iPhone X: thin, stylish, protective
Alright, so the iPhone X is beautiful, futuristic, and wrapped in glass and shiny metal. It's also expensive, both to purchase and to repair if you happen to accidentally drop it.

Spending your day trying to baby a naked iPhone X could be a stressful time. You will probably want to have at least one case for it — a thin skin that improves grip and protects the device from random scratches. Or an armor case to take with you on hikes.

Well, we picked out some of the best cases you can get for Apple's premium handset. Check them out below, make your pick!

Thin and minimalistic

Spigen AirSkin

Buy here ($19.99)


  • Extremely thin


  • Not much protection to speak of
  • Limited color options

We really like the Spigen Air Skin ever since we first used it on an iPhone 6. Some case makers claim "thin and light" cases, but Spigen's AirSkin line really walks the walk. Made by hardened polypropylene — you know, the stuff that plastic shopping bags are made of — it fits like a glove around the iPhone X. While it doesn't provide a lot of protection, it does improve the phone's grip thanks to its matte texture. Good for day-to-day use when you aren't shuffling around too much and have low chances of dropping the phone.

Ringke Slim

Buy on Amazon ($19.99)


  • Thin, somewhat protective
  • Open access to phone buttons
  • Wallet slot attachment (optional)


  • Hard plastic frame could crack after multiple applications

A slightly more protective option, the Ringke Slim is a plastic shell that wraps around all sides of your iPhone X. Still, it is a thin case with openings that allow you to interact with the iPhone's buttons directly. In other words, you don't sacrifice too much of the premium feel, and you get a nice, grippy protector to guard against random scuffs. An included wallet slot attachment can be stickied to the case to hold your cards, if you so wish.

VRS Skin Fit

Buy here ($19.99)


  • Stylish faux leather accent
  • Generous cutouts let you touch the phone's frame


  • Not a lot of protection
  • Limited choice of colors

Another take on the slim plastic case, VRS' Skin Fit shells rock a faux leather texture on the back for better grip and a unique aesthetic. Otherwise, the deal is the same — you've got open access to your phone's buttons, but minimal protection, so don't go doing drop tests with this on!

Wrap-around 360 cases

Olixar FlexiCover 360 Case

Buy on Amazon ($5.99)


  • Easy-on, easy-off full body protection


  • The screen cover doesn't look or feel very good
  • Only suitable for occasional use

Now, to get things straight, this case will make your iPhone X feel and look kind of bad. But it's worth using it when you need to ensure your phone's survival! It's a TPU shell that wraps around your entire phone and fits it like a glove. You can still use the handset and the touchscreen will work, it'll just feel a bit weird to do so over a rubber case. This is a good pick when you are taking a walk on the beach, for example — if sand gets in your pockets, it will surely leave a mark on that precious glass screen. If you happen to hate screen protectors but would like to sometimes defend your device against the nasty quartz particles — this is your simple easy-on, easy-off solution.

Spigen Thin Fit 360

Buy on Amazon ($17.99)


  • Full body cover, front and back
  • Package comes with 2 tempered glass protectors
  • Compatible with Spigen's magnetic mount


  • Not exactly an armor case

Spigen's own take on the 360 case concept is a slim plastic, 2-part shell, which wraps around your phone, front bezels, sides, and back included. Then, there's a third part to the case, which is the fitting tempered glass screen protector. You still have openings for the phone's buttons to retain that premium clicky feel and metal touch there.

Medium protection, utilities

Olixar Tough case with Multitool card

Buy on Amazon ($17.99)


  • 26-in-1 multitool
  • Multitool will stick to magnetic mounts
  • Included kickstand


  • Users report questionable QC
  • Front lip not raised too much

At a glimpse, this Olixar case is your regular rugged shell — it's a bit thicker than the offerings above and has a TPU frame and a plastic shell to protect the phone from more serious bumps. But there's a secret compartment in the back, which holds a special tool. A card-sized accessory with 21 different functions — a knife, different hex wrench sizes, a screwdriver, a file, a bottle opener, and lots more. Definitely a cool gadget to have on you at all times, especially when on a trip! Users report that some of these cases can get rattly or the kickstand could break off. We do hope Olixar straightened up the QC. But hey, you can still keep the tool.

RhinoShield Mod

Buy here (from $31.99)


  • Compatible lens attachments (additional purchase)
  • Can customize buttons to quirky colors (Pixel 2 style)


  • Transparent back cover scratches easily
  • Not very grippy

This is a "modular" case — it can go from being just a bumper to having a hard back, to holding a lens attachment for your camera. To make it extra fun, Rhinoshield also allow you to order extra buttons and play with the color combinations of the case. The lenses are a separate buy — fisheye and macro cost $25, super wide costs $35, and 0.6x wide-angle costs $60.

Special texture

Case makers rarely break the mold and try to make something out of the ordinary. We usually get flat and glossy TPU or smooth polycarbonate and that's it. So, here are a few cases that take a different approach:

Ringke Flow

Buy on Amazon (from $9.99)


  • Unique texture and effect


  • Can feel thick, especially with the 3D shapes on the back

The Ringke Flow is a TPU shell with a special texture, which gives it a liquid-like appearance. You can pick out of three different colors, which, when combined with your iPhone's own shade, will have very different character when the light hits them.

Incipio Carnaby Esquire

Buy on Amazon (from $17.50)


  • One of very few cases with a fabric texture


  • Some users report fabric coming off

The Carnaby Esquire is on the thick side, sure, but it's definitely a unique-looking case thanks to the fact that it's covered in fabric. Cotton is rarely explored as a material to cover tech accessories in, so you can rest assured that your iPhone X will sport a unique look. You also get to choose from three different colors.

Mujjo Leather case

Buy on Amazon ($44.95)


  • Simple, sleek, elegant


  • A bit thick
  • Pricey

Of course, leather never gets old. And when it comes to case makers that use the natural material — Mujjo is among the best. The case we picked for the iPhone X is quite clean, giving off a very subtle feel for a premium accessory without being on the nose. You've got the classic black and brown to pick from, and a fresh choice of green, which is a welcome addition.

Apple Leather case


  • Official case - perfectly sized cutouts and snug fit
  • Tons of color options
  • Metal buttons


  • A bit pricey

Yes, we can't go on without mentioning Apple's own Leather cases. They too are subtle and elegant, though they do have the Apple logo on the back, which some love and others prefer to avoid. One category that Apple truly wins in is the number of color options for its Leather case.

Bumpers and armor

Buy on Amazon (from $19.98)

Dayjoy Metal Bumper


  • Lots of models to pick from, all cool-looking


  • Metal bumper can interfere with connectivity
  • No lip means slim case, but also minimal protection

Dayjoy has a bunch of different bumper case models in a single listing, linked above. These include "pure bumpers" that are just a metal frame around the phone — no front or back involved — but also cases that kind of bend the "bumper rule" and come with protective backs. In any case, we thought they looked cool, especially model B and model K.

Spigen Rugged Armor

Buy on Amazon (from $11.99)


  • Fairly slim, yet protective


  • Limited color options

We can't go without mentioning one Spigen's best-selling lines. The Rugged Armor is a fan-favorite for good reason — it's relatively slim, its matte finish feels great in the hand, and it provides pretty good grip and a very respectable drop protection.

Super armor

OK, so you are looking for a real tough armor case for that trip to Grand Canyon? Check these two out!

Otterbox Pursuit

Buy here ($69.95)


  • Full body protection
  • 4 color combos to pick from


  • Adds bulk
  • Tough to open and close (comes with the territory)

The Pursuit is a rugged armor case with a meaty lip that'll defend your phone if it happens to kiss the pavement. The case comes with a lanyard for extra security when you are using your iPhone X as a camera on your trip. You can add a matching screen protector with your purchase for full coverage of the phone.

LifeProof Fre

Buy on Amazon (from $52.42)


  • Full body protection
  • Water-resistant
  • 6 color combos to pick from


  • Adds bulk
  • Tough to open and close (comes with the territory)

LifeProof is well-known for its rugged cases and the Fre is its flagship. Protecting your phone front and back, it's not super-elegant, but is as reliable as a small tank. If you're worried about dripping your $999 iPhone X, this shell should put your mind at ease for sure.

Flap and wallet

Moshi Stealthcover

Buy here ($39.95)


  • Sleek appearance
  • Can check notifications without opening case


  • Doesn't inspire a feeling of sturdiness

This is a cool-looking flap-cover case for the iPhone X with a semi-transparent front. You can check your iPhone's notifications without opening the case and it looks quite stylish with it. A magnet lets it snap in place, so it doesn't dangle around freely and keeps your screen protected.

Shieldon leather flip cover

Buy on Amazon ($29.99)


  • High-quality leather and craftsmanship


  • Can muffle phonecall audio

The Shieldon cases are made with genuine leather and look, feel, and smell premium. At the time of writing this article, you can pick up a wallet case from their website for about $30, which we would say is a bargain. The case comes with 3 card slots, a money pocket, and an integrated kickstand. You can have it in one of 5 different colors, too!

More power! Battery case

ZeroLemon battery case

Buy on Amazon (from $24.99)


  • Bulky - no way around that


  • Might interfere with connectivity

ZeroLemon is one of the more recognizable brands when it comes to portable batteries or battery cases. So, if you are looking for a protective shell that can also prolong your iPhone X's battery life, this is a good choice. Please note that the model we link to here does not support wireless charging. There is one that does, but we'd say it's extremely impractical to charge a huge battery case and your iPhone X on a wireless charging pad.

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