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Best Unreal Engine 4 games for Android and iOS


Unreal Engine 5 was demoed a few days ago but it will be a while before games built with it grace our smartphones. Until then, however, we can admire the games made with its predecessor, Unreal Engine 4. And that’s exactly what we have for you today!

This is our compilation of the 10 best Unreal Engine 4 games for Android and iOS. Although they’re built using the same engine, the titles on this list are quite diverse in both style and gameplay. That being said, Time to get to the actual games!


In B.o.T you take control of massive mechs similar to what you’ll find in Titanfall. Unsurprisingly, your goal is to destroy the mechs of your enemies while you fight for control of the map. The different models have their own strengths and weaknesses and of course, you can upgrade them using the in-game currency. The game makes full use of the Unreal Engine 4 with detailed mech models and levels. One really cool thing is that your titan takes realistic damage that can disable parts of it, for example, certain guns. That gives a realistic tone to the battle and makes you work harder to pull off a win.


Shurado is a game about 1 v 1 duels styled in a mix of medieval Japan and Dark Souls. You’re fighting your way out of the underworld and that means going through a bunch of literal gatekeepers. While the controls might seem very simplistic, once you’re in battle, the gameplay is surprisingly intense, so you barely notice the limited types of attacks you can make.

There are more than 130 weapons to unlock, which have different stats and can be upgraded to become more powerful. If you neglect your weapons, it will take you forever to defeat enemies later in the game.

M.A.D 8

Unlike Shurado, there’s a ton happening all over the place while playing M.A.D 8. The number 8 relates to the maximum number of heroes you’ll be able to control on your quest to defeat enemies and powerful bosses. They all have unique abilities that you’ll have to use smartly to overcome the most challenging adversaries. Not a fan of playing against mindless AI opponents? Well, try the 4 v 4 PvP mode to see how good you really are!

Of course, equipment is a big part of every RPG and MAD is no exception. There’s a wide variety of weapons and other types of gear that can make your heroes stronger and it’s all upgradeable.


So many anime-style games use Unreal Engine 4, we had to include at least one of them. And our choice is Overhit. Overhit is an RPG with awesome graphics and the flashy effects you’ve come to expect from a game like this. Assemble a team of heroes from a pool of more than 120 unique characters and use their abilities in a way that makes your lineup stronger than the sum of its parts.

Don’t look for realism in this game, it’s all about being on an epic adventure and defeating fantastical creatures. And when it comes to that, Overhit does a great job.

Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is a very unique game. Its cartoony graphics give it a cheerful vibe but its creators describe it as a stealth horror game. And they’re not wrong. The game can feel very intense while you’re sneaking around your neighbor’s house while he’s trying to find you. What makes your task more challenging is that the AI controlling the neighbor will adjust based on your behavior. This vastly improves the replayability of the game which is not something that can be said for many games of that genre.

If you like the suspense of the unknown and don’t mind being spooked from time to time, then you’ll really enjoy Hello Neighbor.

Afterpulse — Elite Army

There are many popular shooters that use Unreal Engine 4 and you might wonder why they’re not on this list. Well, most of them we’ve already included in our other compilations, which you should totally check out by the way, and we prefer to have a wider variety of titles. Which is why we’ve included Afterpulse - Elite Army.

Afterpulse is similar to Call of Duty with realistic special operations combat scenarios and weapons. It offers a nice variety of game modes that even include a co-op challenge mode in which you and a friend can test your skills without the pressure of a full multiplayer match.

Mortal Kombat

Does Mortal Kobat even need introduction? A franchise that taught a whole generation more about the human anatomy than the school biology classes. What used to be a red pixelated mess on a screen is now beautifully rendered symphony of blood and gore. And while our smartphones don’t have the indestructible arcade controls we could mash to oblivion, Mortal Kombat is still satisfying to play and a real eye-candy if you’re not squeamish. And you better not be, because the developers have put a lot of effort visualizing fatalities in the best possible way.

Life Is Strange

Life is Strange is a game with depth few mobile games have. The well-thought-out story will have you fully engaged while solving the mystery the main character stumbles upon. Music, voice acting and overall design help you immerse yourself even through the small display of your phone. And that’s not even the best part. The game has multiple endings that you can reach depending on the decisions you make throughout the game. Of course, you’ll have to replay the game to see them all, which you’ll gladly do. Life is Strange is not a game to kill time during your commute, but rather to enjoy on a gloomy Sunday.

Injustice 2

Injustice 2 is another fighting game but with characters even more popular than those of Mortal Kombat. Superman, Batman, the Flash, Wonder Woman… just a few of the DC universe characters you’ll be able to recruit and take control of. Some of your favorite villains like the Joker are here too, of course. Assemble a team of three and get into the fray. Complete challenges to rank globally or fight against other players in the PvP mode, the choice is yours. Upgrades and unlockables haven’t skipped that game, your heroes will only get stronger as you play along.

Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises is a game that’s truly worthy of the “console experience” title. The graphics and play style are reminiscent of God of War, with some extra-badass finishing moves to make you feel like you’re really kicking ass. In Darkness Rises, however, you can choose from four classes, each with its own abilities, strengths and weaknesses, and you can even customize the looks of your character for that extra personal touch.

The epic bosses will put your skills to the test and if they get you sweating too much, you can always raid a dungeon or face off against other players. Oh, and did we mention you can also ride dragons? Because you totally can!

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