Best Buy has the Motorola CHARM priced online at $250 & $350 no-contract

Best Buy has the Motorola CHARM priced online at $250 & $350 no-contract
Even though it's not yet being sold through T-Mobile directly right now, the Motorola CHARM is already seeing some face time on Best Buy's web site sporting some interesting pricing that might peek your interest in your prefer the no-contract route. Apparently, there are two different options available at your finger tips through Best Buy if you made up your mind on siding with the Android powered Motorola CHARM. The internals between the two SKUs are identical, but the Golden Bronze version is priced less at $249.99 versus the $349.99 for the Cabernet. It's difficult to say at this point whether or not these prices will stick, but sadly, they are sold out online as of right now. However, it's almost unfathomable to believe that a different paint job would embody a significantly higher price point, but then again, it's a Cabernet – and they surely can be pricey if you happen to have good taste. If and when it does revert back to being available online, we'll surely know if these no-contract prices will stay or go.

Motorola CHARM Specifications

source: Best Buy (1 & 2) via TmoNews

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