Ben Heck demonstrates hand-crank phone charger

Ben Heck demonstrates hand-crank phone charger
While smartphones have grown incredibly powerful, we are still suffering from inadequate batteries. We can buy larger extended batteries or scatter chargers around town, but that's no way to live. Hacker Benjamin J. Heckendorn presents an interesting solution.

In the video below, Heckendorn (aka Ben Heck) demonstrates his hand-crank powered charger on his HTC EVO 4G. He stripped down the crank from a rechargeable flashlight, and then retooled it to send 5 volts of power through a mini-USB cable.

While the charger was built for Heckendorn's EVO 4G, the model could be used on most any smartphone. Not only will you be making a 'green' effort, but you might get a workout in the process. Use proper caution: if you don't know what you're doing, just use your wall charger.

Heckendorn is the author of, and is the creator of consumer accessories like the AudioFX 5+1 Headset, and the one-handed Access Controller for the PS2, XBOX 360, and PC.

source: benheckdotcom (YouTube) via GigaOM


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1. ibap

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Well, that's just fine - but it is certainly re-inventing the wheel. There are several hand-cranked options out there that will take a USB cable connection and charge your phone. I've got one at home (can't remember brand) that has a flashlight in it, and a hand crank, has a USB port for charging, and can be charged from AC. I carry it when we travel because it also includes the flashlight in case a fire alarm goes off in the hotel, and because it serves as an emergency battery (when charged, without even hand cranking) for whatever device I plug into it. It's about the size of two decks of cards, stacked. There are other, smaller options out there as well. There are a bunch of these devices available. The smart choice is one with a USB port so you aren't left looking for charging tips or having to ditch it when you change phones.

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