Bell axes the 1-year & 2-year pricing options for the Palm Pre

Bell axes the 1-year & 2-year pricing options for the Palm Pre

You'd think that the trend for Palm's current line of webOS handsets are expected to seemingly drop in price dramatically, but it's a little bit awkward to find a wireless carrier regressing in trying to move sales for certain devices. Although US consumers have yet to experience what it feels like to be handcuffed to a contract, such as how our friends in Canada are put through, Bell has decided to ax the pricing options for 1-year and 2-year on contract options for the Palm Pre. Its a bit unbelievable at first, especially when Bell dropped the price all the way down to free for 2 and 3 year agreements, but the reasoning in only offering the 3-year one makes you wonder. Now the only pricing options listed on Bell's web site are the $0.00 price for the Palm Pre for a 3-year contract and the full outright price of $295.95. Maybe Bell figured out they could still be gaining some money with the Palm Pre as the price of the handset has been dropping everywhere? Whatever the case is, it's now even more tough to fathom that customers are subjected to keeping the almost one year old Palm Pre for another three years of their lives – it's tough, but we guess that it'll have to settle in some time.

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