Before the Fire phone, Amazon's Jeff Bezos used a Samsung handset

Amazon last week announced the Fire phone, which will allow the company to enter the smartphone market - several years after it introduce its first Kindle Fire tablet. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos himself presented the Fire phone during its launch event, and it’s obvious that the company expects a lot from this device.

Not long after announcing the Fire phone, Jeff Bezos had a chat about it with The New York Times’ Farhad Manjoo, revealing that he’s been using the device as his own phone. Before that, the Amazon CEO used a “Samsung.” The model wasn’t specified, though we assume it had to be a flagship like the Galaxy S5, or Galaxy Note 3. Apparently, Bezos is already missing some of the Fire phone’s features when using other handsets. “When I switch back to another phone, I’m still reaching for the gestures that work so reliably on Fire phone, like autoscroll,” said Bezos.

According to the Amazon chief, the company’s first smartphone is not just different, but also useful (mainly to Amazon customers, of course). He doesn’t think that they're late to enter the smartphone market - on the contrary, he believes that “in the whole evolution of this, we’re still pretty early,” adding that “things change very rapidly in this area.”

Asked about the price of the Fire phone (starting at $199 on contract), Jeff Bezos said that this is justified, because “it’s a really premium phone” and they’ve “packed a lot of hardware, a lot of expensive materials” into it. Moreover, “it’s 32GB instead of 16GB”, and it comes with a one-year Amazon Prime subscription. You can read the full interview with Amazon’s CEO at the source link below.

Currently available only to pre-order, the Amazon Fire phone will ship starting July 25 (exclusively on AT&T).

source: Bits / The New York Times

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Fire Phone
  • Display 4.7" 720 x 1280 pixels
  • Camera 13 MP / 2.1 MP front
  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, Quad-core, 2200 MHz
  • Storage 64 GB
  • Battery 2400 mAh(22h talk time)



1. Jinto

Posts: 436; Member since: Jan 15, 2014

Bezos had a bad idea about the Fire phone

7. engineer-1701d unregistered

it doesn't matter what's packed into it your new phone maker the new operating systemyou should have done and nationwide worldwide release on all carriers to maximize the phones use and profitability

2. 0xFFFF

Posts: 3806; Member since: Apr 16, 2014

Jeff - your phone is basically a data mining tool for your company. It's less of a phone than an LG G2, yet the LG is a lot less money and would be far more enjoyable for many. There is little to no "beauty of Android" in your walled Kindle garden. I might have been interested in the rumored 300dpi Kindle paperwhite, but a lame Kindle spyphone? Not so much.

3. promise7

Posts: 894; Member since: Jul 03, 2013

he'll be going back to it once the fire phone fails.

4. AfterShock

Posts: 4147; Member since: Nov 02, 2012

Introducing the new McDonald's's phone, with built in pre arrival ordering app. Comes with twelve cameras to tell when your looking peckish or simply looking at the wrong type of restaurants that aren't big red shoe approved.

5. mr2009

Posts: 34; Member since: Mar 26, 2013

-Moreover, “it’s 32GB instead of 16GB” really? how much does that add up to the price of the phone?

9. 0xFFFF

Posts: 3806; Member since: Apr 16, 2014

About $3-5 depending on volume, market price, quality, etc.

6. jellmoo

Posts: 2620; Member since: Oct 31, 2011

The Note 3. LG G2, LG G3, HTC One M7, HTC One M8. All flagship devices that launched on AT&T with 32GB as the standard size. This isn't new territory. The Fire Phone is little more than a portal designed to get the user to purchase Amazon content. Selling it at a premium flagship price when it is designed to make money on the back end is utterly idiotic.

8. WahyuWisnu

Posts: 1001; Member since: May 29, 2014

At least android still leaving room for innovation...

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