Beautiful new Google Currents UI moves from Android to iOS

Beautiful new Google Currents UI moves from Android to iOS
Google's "magazine-like" news reader, Currents, has been getting a steady stream of improvements, and we're almost ready to say that the app is better than its spiritual predecessor, Flipboard. The latest round of improvements finally made it over to iOS, giving Google Currents one of the more beautiful UIs on either Android or iOS, in our opinion. 

Last month, Google Currents got the UI update on Android, and now the changes have come to iOS users. The new UI is a complete overhaul that makes the "editions" feeds in the app look quite a bit more like Google+/Google Now, where posts fade in from the bottom, and subtle animations have the posts fit together like puzzle pieces. It's quite a nice effect. 

Additionally, the app now has the "edition sidebar", which, like many apps, allows you to quickly navigate between edition feeds. And, to make things more organized, each feed is put into a category, like entertainment, sports, lifestyle, etc. The app also adds "Breaking stories", which are news stories that are trending on Google News, and users can now save stories for reading later. 

It's definitely a nice update, and Google Currents is a much nicer app than it was when it launched, especially on tablets. If you want to give it another shot, it's available for free in the iTunes App Store, and the Google Play Store


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