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Barnes & Noble Nook announcement: Live Coverage!

Posted: , by Ray S.

Barnes & Noble Nook announcement: Live Coverage!
Welcome to our liveblog dedicated to today's announcement by Barnes & Noble! What we expect the company to unveil is the Nook Tablet, information about which recently leaked for all of us to see. The rumor has it that the new Nook Tablet will feature a 7" screen of the VividView IPS type, similarly sized to the one of the Amazon Kindle Fire. Other characteristics of the tablet include a snappy 1.2GHz dual-core TI OMAP4 processor, a total of 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, as well as a microSD card slot. The expected Nook Tablet price is $249, which is a bit higher than the Kindle Fire's $200 price tag.

Anyways, whether all of this will materialize is yet to be seen. Be sure to stay tuned to us at exactly 10AM ET | 9AM CT | 7AM PT, when the event is going to kick off! In addition to the tracker below, you can also follow our up-to-the minute updates via our special Twitter channel @PhoneArenaLive.

Live event tracker

09:33That's all folks! And thanks for being a part of this. Check back soon on the site for anything NOOK related. This is JOhn V signing off!
09:32Well, hopefully we'll get a chance to check out the new NOOK Tablet.
09:31Lots of applause all around, with a short Q & A Session.
09:31They're really stressing the $249 price and its superior offering. And we're done!
09:31Closing remarks now!
09:30William is going over the highlights about the NOOK Portfolio
09:29Oooohhh...they'll gift wrap the Simple Touch if you buy it at a store. And now William is back on stage.
09:28He's now how awesome that there are no ads with books with the Simple TOuch
09:26Up to 2 months of battery with the Nook Simple Touch.Price is being dropped to $99....down from $139.
09:24Now he;s talking about the Nook SImple Touch, There's a new version that offers a better eInk display.
09:24The new enhancements features thought of popular apps, greater tablet functionality, and millions of songs.
09:23Now Jamie is essentially going over the wonders found with the original NOOK COLOR. Nothing really new.
09:22The original NOOK Color is now priced at $199....down from $249. Plus some new enhancements are on the way.
09:21Jamie Iannone, president of digital products, is now on stage,
09:20Quick video of the NOOK Tablet with Glee's Jane Lynch, And it was quick.
09:20Other retailers like Best Buy, RadioShack, Target, Walmart, and more will be offering it.
09:19Pre-orders are available now, in-stores available next week..all for $249.99
09:19Of course, he's talking about the superior customer service because you can go into any store to get help
09:18How it's vastly superior to other 7" tablets out there.
09:18William is giving up the overall rundown with the NOOK Tablet
09:17It's also lighter than the KINDLE fire. It has 1GB or RAM versus the 512BM RAM on the Kindle Fire.
09:16Mentioning how the NOOK Tablet's display is superior to the Kindle Fire. Also, how it offer a lot more memory & expansion.
09:15Better display with superior viewing angles.
09:15Now william is talking about B & N and their ability to help customers at their stores.
09:14Now onto some cloud stuff....it features 16GB internal storage with a microSD card slot
09:12NOOK tablet offers a depth of catalogs in magazine and comics
09:11So your kids can hear your voice reading the story.
09:11Quick demonstration of the new kids reading feature...it essentially allows you to record your reading.
09:10NOOK Store has over 2.5 million titles.
09:09It's #1 in a wide array of reading categories.
09:09It definitely has a deep integration with Netflix.
09:08Netflix and Hulu Plus are preloaded.
09:08Offers video support up to 1080p
09:0811.5 hours for reading.
09:07It features a revolutionary battery....up to 9 hours of video.
09:07Fee Wi-F-i thrugh B & N, AT&T, Starbucks, etc.
09:07Pack a full IPS lamination for superior clarity and great viewing angles
09:06It's under a pound and ultra-lightweight.
09:06Built in Wi-Fi obviously
09:05Now onto the details. 1GHz dual-core CPU, 1GB RAM.
09:05And there goes the round of applause!
09:0511.5 hours of battery, 1GHz dual core CPU
09:03He's now introducing the NOOK Tablet! Quick video!
09:03It's the #2 selling eBook tablet, behind the iPad
09:03They've added over thousands of apps to the Nook Color, Flash, and largest catalog of children's books.
09:02And now he's talking about the success of the NOOK Color.

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