Back glass on Nexus 6P shattering spontaneously

Imagine this scenario. You've made your brand new Nexus 6P your daily driver, and you don't let it out of your sight. Your significant other is tired of hearing about the phone, and is more than jealous about the time you're spending with it (sound familiar to anyone?). While you're fixing a sandwich, you put the phone down on a table when all of a sudden, you hear the horrible sound of glass cracking. Heart beating rapidly, you quickly eye your Nexus 6P and let out a blood-curdling scream. The rear glass on the stock Android handset that covers the camera, now resembles spider webs; the glass spontaneously shattered.

Incidents like this are happening to owners of the Nexus 6P, some of whom shared their stories on Reddit. The handset is already getting some bad publicity from videos showing the phone getting bent in two as easily as one snaps a toothpick. One theory postulated on Reddit blames the process used to produce Gorilla Glass 4 as a possible culprit. The method used could lead to internal pressures inside the glass that are building up, waiting for a tiny opening to manifest itself.

The Nexus 4 ran into a similar problem with the rear glass on the device cracking. LG fixed the issue by adding a tiny nub to the phone, which kept the glass from having contact with the body of the phone underneath it. It isn't clear if something like that would solve the current issue on the Nexus 6P.

With the build quality of the Nexus 6P already in question, this news might force Huawei to make some statement to alleviate the concerns of current Nexus 6P owners and potential buyers.

source: Reddit via 9to5Google

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