Apple's iPhone 3GS 16GB in white on side of milk carton?

Apple's iPhone 3GS 16GB in white on side of milk carton?
Apple's 16GB iPhone 3GS model in white has been such a big hit that this particular version of the touchscreen phone is now sold out of many Apple Stores. According to Apple's own inventory tracker, the white 16GB model, which sells for $199, is only available in 11 of the 41 states where an Apple Store sits, and Washington D.C.. In California, out of 45 stores, only one of the manufacturer's locations have that model in stock. In Massachusetts, the ratio is 1 out of 7, and in the Big Apple, the white 16GB iPhone is in stock in just 1 out of the 3 locations.

It's unclear whether or not the shortage derives from stronger than expected demand for the handset, or if Apple didn't produce enough of that specific model in white. It doesn't seem to be the color that is driving the shortage. In the states where the 16GB white iPhone 3GS is in short supply, the $299 version with 32GB in white is well stocked. For example, in California 34 of the 45 stores have plenty of this unit in stock as do all 3 New York City locations. While many analysts had predicted shortages, no one expected a specific model to sell out well before the others.

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source: ChannelWeb

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