Dude, where's my vape app? After multiple deaths, Apple chucking them all

Dude, where's my vape app? After multiple deaths, Apple chucking them all
There have been reports on multiple vaping-related illnesses and even deaths before, but when it all becomes official via a "Outbreak of Lung Injury Associated with the Use of E-Cigarette, or Vaping, Products" report from the CDC, Apple springs to action.

If you are wondering where have all the vaping apps gone from the App Store, it's because Apple is removing all 181 of them. Why? Well, the CDC listed 42 deaths that have now been directly linked with vaping, mainly of the unauthorized THC type, but still. Thus, yesterday's update to the vaping research so far on its page states that:

As a health and fitness aficionado, Apple's CEO Tim Cook would be approving of the App Store direction, as even when you don't vape THC oils, the practice has been associated with lung inflammation and other respiratory syndromes. 

Granted, the blame has been laid to some of the vaping liquid flavors, like apple or cinnamon, before the others, indicating that the flavoring chemical mixes are more to blame than the base itself, but Apple is still not taking any chances, and chucked them all.


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