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Apple shows off Activation Lock for iOS 7

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Apple shows off Activation Lock for iOS 7
With smartphone thefts rising, Apple on Monday introduced a new Activation Lock for iOS 7 at WWDC. If someone finds or steals your Apple iPhone and then tries to disable Find My iPhone, that person will not be able to reactivate the device. The same thing occurs if the phone is wiped. To activate the unit, the person with your iPhone would have to know your Apple ID and password, which you've smartly kept to yourself as a huge secret, right?

Apple and other smartphone manufacturers have been lambasted by law enforcement officials for not doing enough to prevent smartphone related robberies, which have gone through the roof. Later this week, Apple, Samsung, Motorola and other OEMs are meeting in New York City with top law enforcement officials from San Francisco and New York to discuss ways to stop this epidemic.

The Activation Lock is available in beta starting today for the Apple iPhone with a version for the Apple iPad coming soon. A final public release is scheduled for the fall.

Apple introduces its new Activation Lock at WWDC

source: Engadget

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