Apple releases iOS 11.4.1 containing USB Restrictive Mode to block cracking machines like GrayKey

Apple releases iOS 11.4.1 containing USB Restrictive Mode to block cracking machines like GrayKey
Apple today officially pressed that big ol' red button marked "Disseminate," and iOS 11.4.1 started to roll out. Notable in the new build is USB Restrictive Mode. This feature is aimed right at the heart of those cracking machines made by companies like Cellebrite and Grayshift. These machines are used by law enforcement and use brute force attacks to open a locked iPhone by trying every possible passcode combination. Normally, an iPhone will wipe the data it is carrying after ten incorrect attempts to guess the passcode. But the cracking machines employ the Lightning port on an iPhone to get around this limit.

As a result, USB Restrictive Mode was created, and it prevents the port from doing anything but charging an iPhone if the device was not been opened with the correct passcode within the last hour. This feature is enabled by default and can be disabled by going to Settings > Face ID (or Touch ID) & Passcode > USB Accessories; toggle to "On" to disable USB Restrictive Mode. Apple, usually known for its intuitive navigation, is a bit off the rails here since having USB Accessories set on "Off" (rather than "On") means that your iPhone is better protected from law enforcement. Or is it? Last month, Grayshift claimed that it has already defeated USB Restrictive Mode with its GrayKey device

Outside of USB Restrictive Mode, iOS 11.4.1 exterminates a bug that created a problem for users of Apple's wireless Bluetooth AirPods. The bug prevented them from seeing the last known location of their AirPods when looking for them using the Find My iPhone feature. The update also makes syncing mail, contacts, and notes with Exchange accounts more reliable.

The devices eligible to receive the update include the Apple iPhone 5s and later, the Apple iPad mini 2 and later, the Apple iPad Air and later, and the 6th-generation Apple iPod touch. To install iOS 11.4.1, go to Settings > General > Software Update.

source: Apple

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