Apple: put your HomePod 'on a different surface' if it leaves wood marks

Apple: put your HomePod 'on a different surface' if it leaves wood marks
The new Siri-powered HomePod smart speaker has been leaving ring marks on people's wooden surfaces, it seems, and it might be par for the course, says Apple. Some of the people who got the HomePod, noticed it leaves lighter circles where it lies. It turns out that these might be the oils or wax on certain wooden materials getting diffused by the silicon base that is absorbing the thumping sounds emanating from the speaker. Say what? Yes, it's a thing, and it is in the HomePod's support pages... as of today:

Now, who didn't read the manual? Well, so far a bunch of reviewers, and a few guys taking to Twitter to complain about it, so we wouldn't call it a #ringgate just yet. These days folks get enraged by things way more innocuous than stains on their waxed natural wood furniture, so we wouldn't discount the HomePod leaving a mark in our collective rant culture, though it's unlikely to be a permanent one.

source: Apple & BBC 


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