Apple opens up its Foxconn assembly facilities to a Fair Labor Association audit, the report is due in March

Apple opens up its Foxconn assembly facilities to a Fair Labor Association audit, the report is due in March
Well, Apple seems to have taken note from all the brouhaha that was raised in the past weeks over working conditions in its Foxconn assemblyman's factories. Talk show hosts like John Stewart and Bill Maher chimed in, protests were organized in front of Apple Stores last week, and, despite Tim Cook already subjecting its suppliers to stricter controls, he has now gone a step further.

To mitigate what is turning to be the first real PR challenge for Apple under his command, Tim Cook has invited the Fair Labor Association (FLA) to inspect the Foxconn factories in Shenzhen where the iPhone and iPad are assembled, and audit the working conditions situation:

This is probably the most established NGO dealing with worker's rights, so there should be some heavy-hitters dispatched to interview employees, and create a full picture of what is becoming a notorious manufacturing facility. "As part of its independent assessment, the FLA will interview thousands of employees about working and living conditions including health and safety, compensation, working hours and communication with management. The FLA’s team will inspect manufacturing areas, dormitories and other facilities, and will conduct an extensive review of documents related to procedures at all stages of employment.", says the presser. 

The rounds have apparently already started today in the so-called Foxconn City area, so we will wait for the first reports to make their way publicly next month on the FLA website. Auret van Heerden, FLA's President and CEO said that Apple is the first technology firm to become a Participating Company with the FLA:

source: Apple & FLA


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