Tim Cook, the Chinese chime in on the "Apple doesn't care" factory work conditions accusation

Tim Cook, the Chinese chime in on the "Apple doesn't care"  factory work conditions accusation
Looks like the NYT really opened the can of worms with its publication the other day, where former Apple employees suggest that the company is not really serious about improving working conditions in its suppliers' factories.

Not only did Apple's CEO Tim Cook respond to that internally, but when the New York Times reprinted the story in a Chinese publication to gauge opinions from the source, it was blasted with comments that told the other side of the story as well. 

Tim Cook apparently took the accusations to heart, since he is the one who basically created Apple's state-of-the-art supply chain, which allows it to make its popular and pricey products for the same money or less than the competition. Here is the wordy email he allegedly sent to the employees on the matter:

The comments from the Chinese business publication, where the NYT republished the story to solicit feedback, where pretty illuminating for the real state of affairs. We took out two, but there are a lot more in the source link that tell there is a flip side to that coin:

Well, there you have it - the way Tim Cook is dealing with what might become the first real PR challenge for Apple under his leadership will be telling for how he intends to run it in the future, and his approach seems to be more hands-on than before, when such stories were essentially shrugged off.

source: TheLede (NYT blog) & AppleInsider


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