Apple internally changes design of the home button for the Apple iPhone 5S

Apple internally changes design of the home button for the Apple iPhone 5S
A leaked picture of the Apple iPhone 5S home button shows that from the outside, the part looks exactly like the home button on the current Apple iPhone 5. But on the inside, the part for the newer model has a longer and thinner internal connector. This would seem to dovetail with speculation that a fingerprint scanner will be found near the home button on the next iteration of the iPhone.

While earlier reports had the fingerprint scanner housed inside the home button, the image of the part would seem to indicate that this is not a possibility. But the change in the internal connector that is part of the home button does fit with the idea that Apple has redesigned the inside of the iPhone. This might have been done in order to fit the scanner in around the area of the home button. Last year, Apple acquired biometric security firm AuthenTec for $356 million which might be related to the eventual introduction of the feature.

Other rumors related to the Apple iPhone 5S, such as the addition of new color options, the new 12MP camera expected to be on the back of the new variant of the iPhone, or the doubling of the pixel count on the display to 1.5 million pixels, have nothing to do with the home button. Which makes it much more possible that the internally redesigned home button for the iPhone 5S has to do with the long rumored fingerprint scanner.

source: (translated) via TechRadar

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