Apple iPhone rumored to receive major changes for 2017

Connected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has already gone on record as saying that the Apple iPhone 7 "won't have many 'attractive selling points." Which means that Apple could be planning on skipping the mid-cycle iPhone 7s and going straight to the Apple iPhone 8 for 2017. According to a report published today, the major redesign for the device, which we would expect to see with this year's model, will instead take place in 2017.

The 2017 iPhone is rumored to have a screen that covers the entire front of the handset with Touch ID embedded inside the display. Also inside the display will be the front-facing camera and the speakers.

A recent image allegedly showing off a schematic diagram of the iPhone 7 reveals that the design and the size of the next iPhone is very similar to the size and shape of the iPhone 6s. That would seem to confirm that the big changes will be coming one year later than usual. While the iPhone 7 might end up with the same size and look as the Apple iPhone 6s, there is talk that the antenna lines found currently on the back of the device will be removed.

Besides the other changes we've mentioned above, 2017 might also see the introduction of a larger 5.8-inch Apple iPhone with curved glass and an AMOLED display. Considering that this is coming from Ming-Chi Kuo, we would have to expect that there is a good chance that we will see a higher-end iPhone model next year.

source: AppleInsider



1. Saioofi

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It's gonna be the iPhone's 10th year I'm sure there will be huge changes

2. Mxyzptlk unregistered

My bobody is ready.

3. maherk

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Too bad that your brain is never ready

5. meanestgenius

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Bwahahahaha!! +1 for the truth.

6. XperiaFanZone

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9. meanestgenius

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Of this, I am well aware of. But hey, Maherk is telling the truth.

19. Mxyzptlk unregistered

You would think that but only because you can't say it to me directly.

25. meanestgenius

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Maherk is telling the truth. You're brain is never ready. There. I said it directly to you. Unlike you, I'm not a coward.

32. Mxyzptlk unregistered

Only after I confronted you and after MaHerk tried to make a joke that wasn't funny at all. Try again.

37. meanestgenius

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What makes you think Maherk was joking? And I always confront you directly. You're the one that's always being a coward. Tried and succeeded.

48. Mxyzptlk unregistered

No you don't. Just look at this article. You didn't confront me directly until after I called you out. You didn't.

50. meanestgenius

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71. Mxyzptlk unregistered

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77. meanestgenius

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88. Mxyzptlk unregistered

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95. meanestgenius

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103. Mxyzptlk unregistered

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112. meanestgenius

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120. Mxyzptlk unregistered

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129. meanestgenius

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148. meanestgenius

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156. s.mrabet

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18. Mxyzptlk unregistered

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26. meanestgenius

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33. Mxyzptlk unregistered

No, that's what I said after fixing his post. Pointless is what I would describe this argument as.

38. meanestgenius

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His post didn't need fixing. He was accurate with what he said about you. If it's pointless then why are you still responding?

47. Mxyzptlk unregistered

No he wasn't. That's why I fixed it. Because I'm making an example out of you.

51. meanestgenius

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72. Mxyzptlk unregistered

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