Apple iPhone 7 concept video imagines a grown-up handset with ultrathin bezels

Apple iPhone 7 concept video imagines a grown-up handset with ultrathin bezels
This year's iPhone 6s is old story in Rumorland, so let's switch over to the iPhone 7, said one concept phone designer, and created the video you see below. By now, most everything important about the iPhone 6s has been tipped - it will (naturally) come in the chassis of the iPhone 6, but built with the much tougher 7000-series aluminum alloy.

It will eventually have a higher display resolution, and a Force Touch screen tech, as confirmed by Bloomberg, allowing the panel to recognize different levels of pressure applied by your fingertips, distinguishing between a light tap and a continuous press, just like on the Apple Watch. The phone is also expected to get a mighty boost in the camera department, with a 12 MP camera that comes with an RGBW sensor for better color reproduction and low-light performance.

This is all fine and dandy, but if the exterior stays the same, as usual with Apple's bi-annual design upgrades, what can we expect from the iPhone 7, or whatever Apple decides to name it next year. Well, according to the concept designer SCAVidsHD, it will resemble a MacBook exterior, and come with a single rear camera with 16 MP resolution and OIS technology, plus an 8 MP frontal shooter. Despite that we are talking the iPhone 7, the artist has pegged the screen to be 5.5 inches - as big as on the current iPhone 6 Plus, but with much narrower bezels, which would make it more palm-friendly. Naturally, it will be running iOS 10, which by that time should be the law of the land. What do you think, is there a chance that Apple would release its bread-and-butter model with such a large display, if it achieves a stellar screen-to-body ratio?

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