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Apple iPhone 7 backlight leaks revealing minor design changes?

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Apple iPhone 7 backlight leaks revealing minor design changes?
While we don't expect Apple to introduce the Apple iPhone 7 until September, we already have some idea of what the next iteration of the phone might offer. We could see a new design that eliminates the 3.5mm earphone jack. If that is the case, Apple will most likely come up with a way to use the Lightning port to connect the device to a set of earphones. We also expect the new iPhone 7 to be waterproof and offer a larger capacity battery.

Today, leaked photos allegedly showing the backlight for the iPhone 7 have surfaced revealing a new design. Side-by-side pictures comparing the leaked part with the one used in the Apple iPhone 6s show flex cables located on the left side of the iPhone 7 backlight while the iPhone 6s backlight has it on the opposite side.

Since there is no Apple branding on the product, we really can't be certain that what we are looking at is a part for the iPhone 7. As a result, we do recommend that you take this with a grain of salt.

Having said that, you can check out images of what is claimed to be the backlight of the iPhone 7 by clicking on the slideshow below.

source: AppleClub.tw (translated), NWE (translated) via BGR

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