Apple iPad has eaten up 50% of the laptop PC sales at Best Buy

Apple iPad has eaten up 50% of the laptop PC sales at Best Buy
Apple has "cannibalized" 50% of the laptop PC sales with the iPad, internal estimates of Best Buy show. The CEO of the largest electronics retailer in the US by revenue claims that, since the iPad launch, Best Buy's laptop and netbook sales have shrunk in half on average.

Best Buy's CEO was interviewed for some guidance to how the holiday shopping season is shaping up, and he spilled more interesting observations. TV sales have remained flat, but motion gaming and mobile computing sales, this time in the form of tablets, e-readers and smartphones, are expected to explode.

Best Buy will be responding to this shift in consumers' sentiment by displaying front and center in the stores motion gaming setups, as well as devices like Amazon's Kindle and Apple's iPad.

After the iPhone grabbed half of the cell phone industry's profits, does it look like the iPad will do the same to laptop PC sales? Or will the upcoming competition such as the Galaxy Tab slow its expansion quickly enough?

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source: WSJ



1. clevername

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2. android_hitman unregistered

alot of stupid people are on this planet... sad

4. Rent unregistered

I'm just seeing one so far...

7. Caligula

Posts: 20; Member since: Jun 12, 2010

What's so smart about you, you got a droid with a bunch of desck top and last you for less then a day. There's more to that

3. hawk62

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Looks like android_hitman is their leader. Why r there stupid ppl? Cause they like a nice fun product that meets their needs?

5. Rent unregistered

Oh, the number increased to two...

9. Rent unregistered

Oops... My bad, only one ;)

6. wow unregistered

IT DOESNT DO FLASH!!!!! IT IS SO SUBSTITUTE FOR A COMPUTER!!! ,people can be so nieve l

8. Rent unregistered

What is surprising is that people depends on plug ins to explore the web... Flash can be a complement just as any other plug in, but nowadays flash is OWNING the web and people is DEPENDING on flash The truth is that nobody should control the Internet nor anyone should depend on another to enjoy it so..

10. roscuthiii

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This statement was retracted so the Apple fans can get out of the circle jerk now and the Android fans, well, they can stop whatever the hell it is they do... Where's the update PA??? If anything, iPad sales are probably cannibalizing MacBook sales.

11. Avalon

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Finding some good iPad deals this holiday season may be a problem though so be prepared to put up a fight if you want to get a really great deal on an iPad this Christmas.

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