Apple exploring possibility to use flexible displays for future products

Apple exploring possibility to use flexible displays for future products
Flexible displays might be closer to coming to real devices. We’ve seen demonstrations of flexible displays for years on. Samsung has been showing its flexible screens for a while now, and Sharp and LG also have developed bendable screens. Actually, LG might have gone ahead of the game with bendable screens lately and could be the first one to mass produce them.

What is interesting that Apple has now gotten serious about using the technology in its products. A recent job listing reveals Apple is explicitly searching for an expert in the field. Here is the job description of a position Apple is looking for fill in:

“Apple Inc. is looking for a Display Specialist to lead the investigation on emerging display technologies such as high optical efficiency LCD, AMOLED and flexible display to improve overall display optical performance.”

The listing has been removed shortly after the first reports appeared, but screengrabs remained as a proof. Moreover, Apple has filed numerous patents on flexible displays with the latest ones explaining a device that changes states as users bend it. Going back to the job listing, here is another requirement that hints at Apple’s future development:

“Analyze the trade-offs between design, process, optical performance, and implementation feasibility.” While this confirms Cupertino’s serious interest in bendable screens, it’s no indication of how far the company is in using the technology.

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