Apple edits Siri to calm down her inner Lumia fangirl

Apple edits Siri to calm down her inner Lumia fangirl
Now that we’ve all had our lulz over Siri responding to the question “What’s the best cell phone ever?” with the Nokia Lumia 900, Apple has quickly gone to work to correct this response.

Apparently in the past, when Siri was asked, “What is the best smartphone?” she would say something along the lines of “the one you are holding in your hand,” but got tripped up by the ‘ever’ that was added to the question that caused the hilarity the other day.

Now even if you add an ‘ever’ to your inquiry, Siri will respond with a witty response such as, “You’re kidding, right?”

We guess these are the kinds of things that happen when you release beta software on your flagship device and tout it as a key feature, although we do have to admit, that may be one of the quickest fixes we’ve ever seen from Cupertino.

source: AppleInsider


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