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Apple considered releasing black ceramic Apple Watch Edition

Apple considered releasing black ceramic Apple Watch Edition
We all know that nothing sells like a shiny and attractive design. Companies pay so much attention to how their products look with that fact in mind, and Apple is a prime example. They focus very heavily on design which is arguably one of the main contributors to their success.

A very notable design from the company was the white ceramic version of some Apple Watch series in the past. Recently, a collector and leaker going by the nickname Mr. White (Yeah, science!) shared shots of a black ceramic Apple Watch Edition Series 5.

Sadly, we never got to see such a variant of the Series 5, but there was probably solid reasoning behind that decision. During that time, we also had the Space Black stainless steel Apple Watch. Judging by the images of the black ceramic, they would have looked very similar, so maybe it was decided the two could not exist simultaneously.

Nevertheless, we don't even get to see the white ceramic option every time. We first got it in the Apple Watch Edition Series 2. Then, with the Series 3, we got to see the only different one from the white version for now - the grey ceramic. However, there were no such options for Series 4 and the current Apple Watch Series 6.

At launch, the tech giant stated that it takes a considerable amount of time to produce wearables with these materials:

“The process of creating the Apple Watch Edition case begins with a high-strength zirconia powder that's combined with alumina to achieve its rich, white color. Each case is then compression molded, sintered, and polished using a diamond slurry, which results in a remarkably smooth surface and an exquisite shine. With this precise level of workmanship, every Apple Watch Edition case takes days to make.”

I cannot deny, though, that every ceramic version I have seen of the Apple Watch Edition Series has looked stunning to me. I think quite a few people out there would like to see its return.
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