Apple closing in-app purchase bug in iOS 6

Apple closing in-app purchase bug in iOS 6
Last week, Russian hacker Alexey Borodin found a way to circumvent Apple’s in-app purchase system by setting up his own server for purchases and thus allowing us to buy stuff inside app for free. We’ve heard that Apple is working on the issue and now we have the hacker admit the gap will be closed in iOS 6.

So, it will be up to developers and the version of end user devices whether this will continue to wrok. So far, the server that bypasses Apple security is still running and lastly the same hack was transplanted to the Mac App Store. It seems that’s where Apple will be looking to patch next.

source: In-AppStore



1. darktranquillity

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ifools should've put a hole in apples cash pile.

3. darkkjedii

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Shutup meg


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5. JunkCreek

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Apple get a d*mned... None device on the universe DO NOTHING to get secured.

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