Apple built the iPhone X around FaceID so that people can animoji Scarface and Pulp Fiction

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Apple sacrificed so many things to make the TrueDepth 3D face-mapping camera set on the iPhone X really good, that you might have already started wondering if it's all been worth it.

First off, Apple was so certain that Face ID can work flawlessly, that it disposed of the home button and Touch ID finger scanner entirely to make room for a larger display. Ouch, that must be hurting the iPhone fans' muscle memory. 

Second, since the depth camera and accompanying sensors can't be shoved under the display glass, Apple simply cut a piece of the iPhone X screen to fit the whole shebang in, forcing app developers into a scramble to overhaul their apps, and YouTube to try and fit videos around it.

So, were all those sacrifices worth the risk to alienate an entire cohort of legacy iPhone users for the simple act of unlocking your phone in a fancy new way, or mimicking your facial expression with an animated iMessage avatar? Well, people have voted and they seem to say yes, as Animoji karaoke is now being followed by Animoji-ed scenes from your favorite movies, as you can see above, and we are sure that plenty of other uses, some entertaining, some actually useful, are bound to follow. What do you think, haven't you always wanted to "say hello to my little friend" in Animoji?

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