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iPhone X Animoji get a surprising new use: karaoke!


Animoji karaoke is now officially a thing.

Animoji, the animated emoji characters that mimic your facial expressions live as you speak on the iPhone X, turn out to be able to give familiar songs a twist. You can easily sync your favorite song to an animoji and see a chicken head perform Taylor Swift, the pile of poo singing Justin Bieber songs and a trio of a pig, cat and chicken perform The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

What makes this so interesting is that the animoji characters have very detailed facial experessions, so it's not just the singing and the lips moving, it is you giving a song a character by conveying your emotional facial expressions to an animoji.

And really, your imagination is the limit for what you can do.

If you want to find other people's karaoke covers, simply search for animoji karaoke on YouTube, Twitter and other social services, and listen on. Up above is just one well done example, but you can also find the Macarena sung by a group of animoji, a brand new version of the popular Despacito and many others.

What would you perform, animoji karaoke style?

reference: Harry McCracken
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