App spotlight: Shush! puts a timer on your phone's muted ringer

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There ought to be an honor of some sort for those who come up with apps that are so simple, yet so brilliant at the same time. In fact, we wouldn't mind if one day we get this kind of functionality built into any smartphone on the planet. The app we'd like to highlight today is called Shush!, and while it isn't a totally new addition to the Google Play store, we feel like it isn't getting the attention it deserves. 

Shush! is an app that activates a timer each time you put your Android phone or tablet on vibrate or silent mode. As soon as the time runs out, your device's volume will be automatically brought back to maximum, or to a level you specify. Of course, there's an option to mute your gadget indefinitely, and the app is made to not interfere with your phone's built-in alarm clock. Shush! is ideal for those times when you need to mute your phone's rings and beeps for a short while – during a meeting, at the table, in the cinema, or while sleeping – without forgetting to unmute it at a later time. And since Shush! is a tool that gets embedded into the UI, there's no need for you to launch an app each time you want to use it.

That's pretty much all that the Shush! does, but we don't really mind its lack of extended functionality. Quite the contrary – we think it is pretty great the way it is. Shush! is available for free from the Google Play store and it does not rely on advertisements to generate revenue. 

Download: Android

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