Another mystery Motorola device gets pictured; is this the DROID Bionic?

Another mystery Motorola device gets pictured; is this the DROID Bionic?
Last week, we showed you a picture of a mystery Motorola Android device. Now we have another picture of a unnamed Motorola device running Android and despite the lack of clarity in the photo, there is some information that we can glean from it. First of all, looking at the screen, we can see that it is large. We can also spot a front-facing camera in the upper left side of the phone, and there is the lack of a physical QWERTY keyboard.

So far, this sounds like the long awaited Motorola DROID Bionic as recent leaks have revealed the front-facing camera to be on the upper left side of the handset just like the pictured device, and of course the DROID Bionic does not offer a physical QWERTY keyboard. The only thing missing here is the Verizon brand which would really convince us that we are looking at the delayed model. So perhaps this a brand new handset that has yet to have been announced.

On the other hand, the photo gallery pictured on the device resembles the one on the recently introduced Motorola Photron 4G for Sprint. The Photon 4G has more of a diamond shape to it because of the way the ends are cut, so this is NOT that device. And because of the different color of the notification bar than the one on the Froyo flavored Motorola Triumph, heading to Virgin with stock Android aboard, we can rule out that device as well.

So that leaves us with the Motorola DROID Bionic or some other unknown model. If we could somehow impose upon the photographer to focus on his subject a little better, perhaps we can solve this mystery.

source: PopHerald via AndroidCentral

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