Anniversary Apple Watch 10 may grow to Ultra screen size

Anniversary Apple Watch 10 may grow to Ultra screen size on thinner chassis
The "anniversary" Watch 10 series that Apple will be announcing in the fall will have notable design changes, for a change. It would be thinner and more elegant, while at the same time offering larger screens, with the bigger size of the two models bordering on the Apple Watch Ultra screen diameter.

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple will also place a new powerful chip inside the Apple Watch Series 10 with the goal to run some AI features down the road. As much as a tiny watch chip can run anything related to Apple Intelligence, that is, given that not even the iPhone 15 processor and RAM amount are sufficient to bring "AI for the rest of us," as Apple loves to tagline it.

Apple Watch 10 display size

If the larger Apple Watch Series 10 model, which is codenamed N218, will have a screen as large as that on the Watch Ultra, this means that it may have a big 1.9-inch display. That will be more than 10% larger in diagonal from the current 1.7-inch screen on the Watch 9, while the smaller size, denoted as N217, may slot into the 1.7-inch category in its turn, as Apple likes to reuse its components whenever it has a chance.

In any case, Apple Watch 10 users will have larger displays to look at, which is a commendable endeavor, especially if Apple indeed makes the new watches thinner and keeps the same weight. 

It is also rumored to try and house the next Apple Watch SE in a polycarbonate housing of sorts, instead of using aluminum allow for the chassis, in order to make its starting price even more attractive against the affordable Galaxy Watch FE of Samsung, or the myriad of Chinese smartwatches.

Apple Watch 10 blood pressure monitoring

Where Apple has hit a snag, however, are some unique health functions like blood pressure or glucose monitoring that it has been working on, and which are very hard to master. Despite that its blood pressure measurement ambitions for the Watch 10 have been rather humble, namely detecting range deviations from a personal baseline, it is reportedly still not content with the accuracy of the results, and will release the feature at a later date. 

Ditto for the glucose monitoring, but Apple also hit a similar snag with its heart rate and cardiac health monitoring before their release, but doubled down, had an algorithm breakthrough, and got the FCC nod after bringing the feature up to its standards, so the Apple Watch will most likely land the elusive blood pressure monitoring, and it will be as accurate as it can be from a tiny wearable. 

Still, when Apple takes the stage to announce Watch 10, we may learn more about its progress with all those features, as it may announce them, but release them to the watch at a later date.

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