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Android on the offensive in China with HTC Click and Hero

Android on the offensive in China with HTC Click and Hero
In a recent interview, Jackie Zhang, Marketing Executive of the company that sells HTC handsets in China, Dopod, has revealed the plans his company has about the distribution of Android devices in the country, as well as extra information about the HTC Click.

The HTC Hero is to get into the product catalogue of China Unicom and this can happen as soon as at the end of this month. It´s possible that its release is delayed though, due to the extensive testing it has to be subjected to prior to its market launch. The handset is expected to roll out at the hefty price of $820 and will also come in a special red-color variety, aside from the brown and white versions we already know of. Due to governmental restrictions, the phone won´t feature Google Maps though.

A detailed picture of the HTC Click for people on a tight budget has already appeared, but the manufacturer has still not officially confirmed whether or not the device really exists. According to Mr. Zhang, the handset with a price tag of about $500 is to hit the shelves at the end of this year and come boxed with an extra panel. The carrier, tasked with its distribution will most probably be China Unicom, a company that has already embarked on WCDMA 3G. The high ranking marketing chief has also mentioned that the handset is to become available on other markets shortly after its Chinese release and we secretly hope this happens before the end of this year.

The HTC Magic will also roll out in China, although it will probably end up with its pure Android ancestry diluted. It is to be offered on China Mobile and will run OMS (Open Mobile System) that is Android-based, but features applications specifically requested by the carrier.

source: PC World
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