Android is getting an in-app payment solution courtesy of PayPal

Android is getting an in-app payment solution courtesy of PayPal
One of the most difficult tasks for developers who want to entice customers in purchasing additional apps is the background work required in handling payments. Fortunately PayPal is looking to come in to save the day and make the daunting task a bit easier to handle for developers as they will be able to integrate an in-app payment solution thanks to PayPal. Basically this will enable developers to easily receive payments without leaving the application – plus they'll sleep a bit easier knowing that they won't be in charge of handling all of that additional credit card information. Apple has been in the game of supporting in-app purchases, but Android has yet to adopt some kind of universal standard as the platform is littered with many third-parties that have integrated their own payment solution. However, this would again force users to sign up for PayPal's service if they already don't use it. Still, it would seem like a win-win scenario for both the developer as they will offer a painless in-app payment solution and PayPal who will undoubtedly make their money thanks to developers adopting it. We'll see in due time if this takes off smoothly and stays put for the long run.

via MobileCrunch

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