Android development for the HTC HD2 is still chugging along

Android development for the HTC HD2 is still chugging along
Windows Mobile may not cut it for some owners of the HTC HD2, that's why there are hackers working away diligently to try and get Android onto the handset. When you look at it closely, the HTC HD2 clearly has a visibly close relationship with its full blown Android brother found in the upcoming HTC EVO 4G. The development process is surely tedious, but fortunately it's gaining momentum with an eventual reality of seeing the open platform gracing the device. The team over at xda-developers just overcame another hurdle in the process as they finally moved past the video player stage. Eventually there are owners out there just oozing with anticipation to finally see something like Android 2.2 fully ported over to give other Android sets a run for their money. No doubt that there is a lot of work involved in making this become a reality – and that's why they're collecting pledges for the effort. Sure it may not have 4G connectivity or a front-facing camera, but it would still be pretty neat to showboat Android running on an HTC HD2.

HTC HD2 Specifications | Review

source: xda-developers via WMPoweruser


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