Android M tipped to come with new Nexus software update guarantee

Android M tipped to come with new Nexus software update guarantee
According to a new rumor, Google will soon update its Nexus software update guarantee. The decision is said to take effect starting with the commercial launch of Android M.

The rumor suggests that, starting with Android M, Google's Nexus devices will come with two-year guarantee for major system updates, and a three-year guarantee for security patches. Apparently, these time frames are based on the date when a OS version is released, which usually coincides with the launch of new Nexus devices. 

Furthermore, Google is also said to guarantee security patches for at least 18 months since a Nexus device was purchased from the Google Store or the Play Store. Since we can see no reason why Google would send security updates to just some users and not others, this should mean that upcoming Nexus devices will continue to receive security updates for a year and a half following their discontinuation from Google Store.

If accurate, these new update guarantees will be certainly appreciated by future Nexus smartphone owners. At the moment, Google guarantees that a Nexus device will continue to get software updates for 18 months since the launch of the device, although Google often updates Nexus devices much older than a year and a half. The Nexus 4 is a perfect example of this, as the smartphone was launched back in October 2012, but has still been updated to Android 5.1. Lollipop. 

The sources also say that the new update guarantees will also be applied retroactively, which is great news if you've just purchased a Nexus 6. Unfortunately, this could also mean that the Nexus 4, the original Nexus 7, and the Nexus 10 will not be updates to Android M, at least not officially.

The source of this rumor claims that Google might not announce the new update guarantees this week at Google I/O, as it's quite possible for the company to announce the changes closer to the commercial launch of Android M, which could happen this October.



1. BobbyBuster

Posts: 854; Member since: Jan 13, 2015

Google could give two years guarantee, release major updates every 366 days, thus saving tons of costs like they did with Galaxy Nexus that didn't even get Kitkat. And please don't tell me BS about custom roms.

2. Taters

Posts: 6474; Member since: Jan 28, 2013

Google seems to release 2 a year sometime like ice cream sandwich and jelly bean being major upgrades besides one being 4.0 and another being 4.1. IOS on the other hand, only major upgrade in its existence was IOS 7 and I don't expect iOS 7 to change much until IOS 13. So in that 2 year span Nexus devices will have at least 3 major OS updates, and possibly more while with IOS you get at the most 2 in 2 years, if you can even consider that 2 since IOS 1 - 6 were pretty much the same until iOS 7 finally added some animations and notification panels and short cuts. Now it's back to being exactly the same until iOS 13 probably. So let's do the math here. A nexus devuce will net you at least 3, maybe 4 major updates in 2 years while iPhone devices will net you 2 major updates, if we are being extremely generous, in two years. As you can see, Apple is the master of ripping their sheep off and making the sheep brag about updates when in reality, they are getting less major updates in 2 years. Therefore, even if they do use an Apple tactic like having a 366 day update schedule, they will still get at least 3 major updates. One more than Apple on a 365 update schedule.

3. BobbyBuster

Posts: 854; Member since: Jan 13, 2015


5. Taters

Posts: 6474; Member since: Jan 28, 2013

What's actually even more amusing is that Apple is the only manufacturer in the history of mobile to use a scam like the 366 day scam you suggest that Google tries to pull. But instead of the software front, Apple does it on the hardware and hardware component front. Apple only change the displays and phones once every 2 years while every other manufacturer changes the hardware once a year. The iPhone 3G/3GS, 4/4S, 5/5s, and now 6/6s is the ultimate realization of that 366 day software scam that you are suggesting. I mean Apo,e only had to cine up with 4 designs in 8 years while other manufacturers do 8 designs in 8 years. Talk about milking their sheep and milking them good. Only BobbyBuster type izombies would take it up the ass like that. Lol Sigh.....ifans...

6. BobbyBuster

Posts: 854; Member since: Jan 13, 2015


8. BobbyDigital

Posts: 2125; Member since: May 29, 2014

Once again my groupie, you sound retarded.

15. Mxyzptlk unregistered

I see the android fans are in damage control mode.

16. BobbyDigital

Posts: 2125; Member since: May 29, 2014

And I see the iSh33p are in troll mode. But then again, troll mode is your natural state.

21. Mxyzptlk unregistered

Pot kettle black

22. BobbyDigital

Posts: 2125; Member since: May 29, 2014

Dude… You're the pot AND the kettle. All you do is troll anything Google/Android/Motorola and BlackBerry related. EVERYONE here knows this. We all LAUGH at you IN YOUR FACE about the fact that you're nothing but a pathetic troll. I wish PA would put up a poll asking who's the biggest troll on this site. You'd win by a landslide victory.

11. sprockkets

Posts: 1612; Member since: Jan 16, 2012

"And please don't tell me BS about custom roms." And please, don't BS us with your comments.

13. Planterz

Posts: 2120; Member since: Apr 30, 2012

What would an iTroll like you know about anything?

14. Mxyzptlk unregistered

I agree. A Nexus should get updated as long as the hardware can handle it.

4. cdm283813

Posts: 424; Member since: Jan 10, 2015

Only 2 years seems pretty short. My Nexus 7 2013 is approaching 2 years old and that device still runs pretty good. And I consider the N7 2013 to be better than the N9 based on bang for your buck. Maybe Google should release a Nexus 7 2015 to make me forget about my 2013 model. Google got greedy in 2014 and it shows.

7. Taters

Posts: 6474; Member since: Jan 28, 2013

I am quite happy with the only Nexus device I currently own, the Nexus 10. It got ice, jb, and now lolipop in all their glory. If it get a perfect nothing stripped version of Android M too, then it would be amazing.

9. g2a5b0e unregistered

Google got greedy in 2014? Asking the same price that almost every other OEM gets for their comparable devices is greedy? Keep in mind that Nexuses previous to 2012 were also priced the same as other flagships. Perhaps you're just overly entitled.

10. Taters

Posts: 6474; Member since: Jan 28, 2013

Exactly. It's human Nature to expect budget handsets after Google already sold for cheap 2 years in a row though. So the key is to stay consistently greedy and have gradual price increases like Apple.n It's a shame that these double standards exist but they do. It's just that Google is doing a bad job of transitioning to more expensive devices while Apple is great at pulling the wool over the eyes of their consumers.

19. hellbread

Posts: 309; Member since: Nov 21, 2014

You think that nexus 6 deserve to cost as note 4? Dont agree. You saw how they went with that.

20. g2a5b0e unregistered

It doesn't cost as much as the Note 4, so your point is invalidated.

12. sprockkets

Posts: 1612; Member since: Jan 16, 2012

This has more to do with a guarantee of security fixes than upgrades. Guess who also does the professional courtesy of telling businesses what it will do for updates and bug fixes? Micorosft. Guess who doesn't and probably never will give a schedule of support? Apple.

17. .KRATOS.

Posts: 444; Member since: Mar 15, 2013

Apple updates its older devices y not Google follow it footsteps in that.

18. Planterz

Posts: 2120; Member since: Apr 30, 2012

Apple only updates their older devices when they know the hardware won't run it well, when they'll release an update that sucks, and force people to buy new iPhones. Of course, there's other good reasons to upgrade, such as finally having an LTE phone 3 years after iPhones were slugging along with 14.4Mb/s HSPA, or a screen that isn't made for midgets (no offense intended to midgets), but Apple wants your money. They'll delay hardware advancements because they know you can get your money twice (or thrice, or...quadrice? Does that word exist>), and force updates that make your older device unusable. "Y not" (seriously, is it that effing difficult to spell "why" and not look like an illiterate moron?) Google follow in those footsteps? Because they don't need to. Android is open source. As a business, it behooves them to spend the money in R&D for newer devices, and abandon relatively old devices that few people still use. in spirit though, they know that these devices will still live on. The Galaxy Nexus has Lollipop custom ROMs. The Nexus 4 got a LP port months before the official release. The Nexus 4 might not get an official M update, and that saddens me, but I hold faith that a dev will port it over, and it'll be awesome. Google leaves the tools for that, and silently encourages it. Apple, however, says "F@#$ you, buy our new crap."

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