Android 3.2 adds zoom view for non-Honeycomb apps

Android 3.2 adds zoom view for non-Honeycomb apps
Given that the vast majority of apps that run on Android tablets are actually designed to run on phones, having a good way to upsize the app to run on a tablet's higher resolution is very important. So far, Android Honeycomb has only stretched phone apps to fit the higher-res screens of tablets, but it looks like the next update, Android 3.2, is going to add a new option: zoom mode.

The new option will live in the system tray to allow users to easily switch back and forth between zoom and stretch view modes. Normally, with the stretch mode, the layout of the app will be stretched to fit the screen, often leaving big swaths of empty space. The idea behind zoom mode is that it will run the phone app in an emulated screen at normal/MDPI resolution (320x480), then zoom in 200%. Of course, this can lead to pixelation, so we'll have to see it in action before reserving judgement on how it works. 

source: Android Developers Blog via Android Police
[stretch mode on left, zoom mode on right]

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