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Analyst thinks BlackBerry 10 is nothing but "a gambit intended to facilitate a sale of RIM"

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Analyst thinks BlackBerry 10 is nothing but
It feels like we just keep going in circles with RIM and BlackBerry 10. For a while, it seems like RIM is on the verge of selling the company to anyone who shows the least bit of interest, then RIM looks confident looking to the future, and back again. Now, in light of RIM CEO Thorsten Heins' new comments, it has swung the analysts thoughts all the way to the idea that BlackBerry 10 is nothing but "a gambit intended to facilitate a sale of RIM".

Those words come from Benzinga Insights’ Sam Mattera in an article he wrote for Forbes. One red flag for him was that the first BB10 device that we saw was the London series, which is more of a modern smartphone with a full-frontal touchscreen, and didn't have the "characteristic keyboard, a feature which endeared the handset maker to many business professionals". 

The trouble with this view is a pretty simple one: "business professionals" have been abandoning BlackBerry, and haven't been going to Android options with physical keyboards. The trend is towards all touch and voice input. It seems like Mattera would have preferred RIM to stick with the ideas that were failing. That's top notch analyzing right there. 

Mattera does make a good point in wondering what company might even bother to purchase RIM. Reason says that Samsung might be interested in licensing software, but only Amazon or Microsoft would have a passing interest in RIM's hardware division. 

source: Forbes

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