Analyst thinks BlackBerry 10 is nothing but "a gambit intended to facilitate a sale of RIM"

Analyst thinks BlackBerry 10 is nothing but
It feels like we just keep going in circles with RIM and BlackBerry 10. For a while, it seems like RIM is on the verge of selling the company to anyone who shows the least bit of interest, then RIM looks confident looking to the future, and back again. Now, in light of RIM CEO Thorsten Heins' new comments, it has swung the analysts thoughts all the way to the idea that BlackBerry 10 is nothing but "a gambit intended to facilitate a sale of RIM".

Those words come from Benzinga Insights’ Sam Mattera in an article he wrote for Forbes. One red flag for him was that the first BB10 device that we saw was the London series, which is more of a modern smartphone with a full-frontal touchscreen, and didn't have the "characteristic keyboard, a feature which endeared the handset maker to many business professionals". 

The trouble with this view is a pretty simple one: "business professionals" have been abandoning BlackBerry, and haven't been going to Android options with physical keyboards. The trend is towards all touch and voice input. It seems like Mattera would have preferred RIM to stick with the ideas that were failing. That's top notch analyzing right there. 

Mattera does make a good point in wondering what company might even bother to purchase RIM. Reason says that Samsung might be interested in licensing software, but only Amazon or Microsoft would have a passing interest in RIM's hardware division. 

source: Forbes



1. Droid_X_Doug

Posts: 5993; Member since: Dec 22, 2010

I would agree - nothing like trying to pump the share price going into sale negotiations. But who would be the buyer?

17. BB10.Dee.AD

Posts: 3; Member since: Jan 24, 2013

RIM clearly don't understand their situation at all. IF RIM, the MASTER of QWERTY/BBM can't survive in their own game, who can play RIM card and survive?.... In other world, RIM is TOTALLY JUNK. Whoever who buy RIM will be like HP/PALM!!!!!!!!!. I think RIM would be better to return the investor money, and disband the company

31. jroc74

Posts: 6023; Member since: Dec 30, 2010

Google or MS. They both could take RIM hardware and do something with it. They both could take BBM and do something with it. Apple would only do something with the software.

34. frmrVZguy

Posts: 42; Member since: Mar 10, 2012

BB Z10 looks a LOT like Motorola-DROID-X2_id5235 (use this as a search term) and implies a tie-up of some kind. But since BB hardware is effectively an "accessory" to the service, it seems that a tie-up with MOTOROLA expertise with high security communications might be the way to out-source a waning hardware business as the software is developed to "piggyback" on other OSes

2. Jphones

Posts: 259; Member since: Feb 10, 2012

like I said before rim just needs to stop it BB10 may look promising but is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to far behind everybody else. They won't be able to endure long enough to see their market share climb above abysmal

3. XPERIA-KNIGHT unregistered


7. MC1123

Posts: 1256; Member since: Nov 12, 2012

totally agree... as far as i know, people will just talk and write s**ts if they are jealous coz they know someone (in this case something) is far more better than they are(lets say in their bias platform)! coz clearly BB was made for business and that BB Balance is one the best! apple cant do that, and even android phones...

18. BB10.Dee.AD

Posts: 3; Member since: Jan 24, 2013

You need to undertand this.. RIGHT NOW, in the US, UK, Europe, Australia, Singapore, HK.... ALL THE POWER USER & RICH user already moved away into Android & Apple (AA). Once you gone into AA, you won't go back into BB. The one that use BB right now is ALL THE POOR that CAN'T AFFORD good smartphone. This poor soul WON'T BUY BB10 Product. If they were able to afford BB10, they WILL use AA instead..

24. Valdomero

Posts: 707; Member since: Nov 13, 2012

Let me correct you, there are many cheap Android phones out there, so don't say you have an Android phone because you're wealthy because that's not true.

27. BB.real.pppooorrr

Posts: 3; Member since: Jan 24, 2013

let me be the one to correct you. It is true that Android have so many cheap phone. Android user is from rich to poor. but BB user RIGHT NOW is considered lame. non-smartphone user who only do BBM. 99% of BB user right now buy BB because of BBM. LAME!!!!

25. jsdechavez

Posts: 818; Member since: Jul 20, 2012

Yup, haters like to see you down.

4. rusticguy

Posts: 2828; Member since: Aug 11, 2012

Who cares really what analysts think? They are most of the time PAID to think a given way ...

23. BB.WP.don.fight

Posts: 3; Member since: Jan 24, 2013

Yes, mostly were paid by Microsoft to make WP looks attractive Even iPhoneArena also does it.

5. Johnnokia

Posts: 1158; Member since: May 27, 2012

I don't exactly know why the other companies are interested in buying RIM if they are going to kill the brand name .. Are they interested in their patents ??!!. For instance, what HP did when they acquired Palm? No thing, just produced the epic fail TouchPad and HP Veer, and then they killed WebOS. I love BB and feel sad to this story. Who have a clear idea about this issue, I wanna know please ?

8. MC1123

Posts: 1256; Member since: Nov 12, 2012

analyst dont know a thing.. they just keep on talking s**t! no one can predict what will happen to the future! this is one of the worst jobs in the world (the other one being a paparazzi)! HP bought palm for they think webOS is really futuristic, and all people think of that as well! but HP has a very bad leadership! bad CEO thats why they are going down now! (same as nokia, very very bad CEO, MeeGo was the future, they are just afraid to see that) also same as google motorola, motorola dont make a buzz after they are bought by google, but i hope that will change this year! unlike the situation of RIM and BB, they have the almost perfect combination... they have good leadership and good CEO, coz the past CEO before still think touchscreen and iphones are just toys and its platform will be just fine..but CEO Heins change that with BB10.. they also have huge support to the devs.. i mean 70,000 apps at launch?! thats amazing! and they will reach 100,000 apps in no time! they might achieve that in less than a year, unlike WP, they just got the 100,000 apps after 2 years! so again, alalyst talk s**ts... and clearly this writer dont shock me about writing this things since he always write bad things for BB and RIM image... sad story that forbes still accept him!

10. Johnnokia

Posts: 1158; Member since: May 27, 2012

Thank you so much for your answer. You are right, I hope Nokia will kick Stephan Flop ASAP. Nokia is a great company and capable of producing amazing devices. I don't know why they did not produce their own operating system yet !.

12. Edmund

Posts: 656; Member since: Jul 13, 2012

The top Analyst firms are pretty good at what they do, trust me. You're thinking of credit rating agencies like moody's, Fitch, DBRS, and Standard & poors, who spend most of their time bending over for wall street.

33. jroc74

Posts: 6023; Member since: Dec 30, 2010

As for Motorola after Google bought them...Motorola phones are always one of the best selling phones on Verizon. Motorola isnt the same as Palm. Nobody was buying Palm anymore...I kinda see that happening with BB...and WP to a certain extent. Nokia right now is saving WP.

28. BB.real.pppooorrr

Posts: 3; Member since: Jan 24, 2013

I agree with you. I don't understand it either. Most of BB patent is around BBM and push email. For push email, Google, apple, Microsoft also have patent around it. For BBM, there were what's app, GoogleChat, Apple iMessage, Skype, etc. So, I really think BB patent WORTH NOTHING. RIM is surely lazy, they don't have anything good.

6. faisolbauuz

Posts: 121; Member since: Jan 05, 2013

Well yeah i dont see anything new from BB10 the swipe ui is a copy from nokia n9 and the hardware cannot beat the 2013 android flagship RIM need to do some big moves here

11. Edmund

Posts: 656; Member since: Jul 13, 2012

RIM is run by a bunch of idiots. Rather than just adopt Windows Phone and license out Blackberry Messenger/Mail (like Nokia are doing with Drive) they chose to be stubborn and develop a fourth platform that nobody really wants, including the business and government sectors.

16. No_Nonsense unregistered

A platform that no one wants. That's a stupid statement. There are too many around waiting to switch to BB10 when it arrives.

32. jroc74

Posts: 6023; Member since: Dec 30, 2010

I wouldnt say no one wanted it.....but its almost a niche market for them now. I remember these same posts in Palm articles.... I like what I see from BB10.....I hope it can survive....

19. picka_vi_materina

Posts: 174; Member since: Nov 21, 2011

And everybody wants Windows Phone...............YEAH RIGHT!!!

22. BB.WP.don.fight

Posts: 3; Member since: Jan 24, 2013

AGREE!!! NO ONE WANTS WINDOWS PHONE NO ONE WANTS BLACK BERRY BB should pick Android, and focusing on messaging (their strong point) RIM is not a company that were on the level fighting on OS level. Let's the real company (google/android) do the OS for RIM

21. BB.WP.don.fight

Posts: 3; Member since: Jan 24, 2013

RIM user and WP user should not fight among each other both were death platform and the fight is like girl fight over nothing....

14. BadAssAbe

Posts: 508; Member since: Apr 22, 2011

RIM needs to make a true Keybroad SmartPhone, kinda like the OG Droid but better with their own twist. Most Blackberrys had a keyboard, why remove their key difference?

20. BB10.Dee.AD

Posts: 3; Member since: Jan 24, 2013

Because.... ALL THE EXPENSIVE.... (READ: GOOD PROFIT) don't have keyboard. REASON: because the user who want to buy expensive device want LARGE SCREEN. So, who bought QWERTY based BB style phone?? It's the non-smartphone user. The dumb-phone/feature-phone user. The one that won't buy expensive phone.

26. jsdechavez

Posts: 818; Member since: Jul 20, 2012

Make Sony Ericsson P series phone wannabe.. You know, the one with the full touchscreen but with the removable flip qwerty keymat.

30. phonemirer

Posts: 111; Member since: Dec 07, 2012

they should make torch w bb10 and flagship 2013 specs, z10 > i5

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