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Amazon to start charging $600,000 for ads on Amazon Kindle Fire's welcome page

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Amazon to start charging $600,000 for ads on Amazon Kindle Fire's welcome page
How would you like to advertise in front of a fairly captive audience that is tech savvy enough to be using an Android tablet, but is also concerned about saving money? For the sum of $600,000, Amazon is offering a nice piece of real estate for your product or service-the Amazon Kindle Fire's Welcome Screen. The $600,000 will allow Amazon Kindle Fire users to view your ad for 2 months. The ads show up on every boot which adds to the sponsored screensaver ads that appear on the tablet's screen whenever the Amazon Kindle Fire shuts down.

The Amazon Kindle Fire
Amazon isn't sure on how it will implement this and it even isn't sure that advertisers will be sold on the idea. The online retailer is considering offering the ad space on the current version of the tablet or might just place the ads on a future ad-supported tablet. And the latter is where the excitement lies. If Amazon does offer a tablet with a price subsidized by ads, the price that consumers will pay for such a tablet might make the $199.99 price tag on the original Kindle Fire seem like a high price.

Would tablet owners be comfortable viewing an ad everytime they boot-up their tablet if it meant paying a very low price for that device? Amazon is said to be trying to build an ad network similar to Apple's iAD that places ads on the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad. Originally, Apple asked for $1million minimum for ad deals, but that has since dropped to $100,000 with a more simplified price structure.

source: AdAge via Phandroid

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