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Alligator case for the iPad costs US$6,900

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Alligator case for the iPad costs US$6,900
The luxury mobile business has gone too far. Was the Apple iPad really not expensive enough for you? Fashion designer David August doesn't seem to think so. His new alligator skin case for the iPad costs a staggering US$6,900.

The case is part of August's new alligator skin collection, which also includes a laptop case, a Dopp kit, a watch holder, and a change tray. All together, the collection costs $37,800. We wonder if you can request that all the pieces be made from the same alligator.

To put this in perspective, we should point out that David August designs some personal collections for the likes of Sylvester Stallone, Will Smith, and Robert Downey Jr. So we average Joes can't be expected to follow their cost-benefit reasoning.

We're done ranting, but we have to ask: if you had the money for one of these, or a similarly overpriced accessory, would you buy it? Our impression was that conspicuous consumption was out of style.

source: JustLuxe via Gizmodo
Alligator case for the iPad costs US$6,900

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