Alleged fllagship Nokia sketching flaunts Zeiss-branded dual camera


Thanks to a new parent company from Finland - HMD Global - the Nokia brand went Android, and already outed a few compelling handsets in the entry level to the midrange segments, including the resurrection of the Nokia 3310, and the affordable Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 Androids. While these will be hitting shelves soon, perhaps including the US, what nostalgic Nokia fans are looking forward to is a true Nokia flagship with Android. HMD already promised that there will be more to come from it this year, and the second half is shaping up to be pretty exciting, with the rumored Nokia 7 or Nokia 8 that will supposedly have a Snapdragon 660 and a Zeiss-stamped camera. 

Today, however, a mysterious sketch from the alleged drawing board over at HMD has leaked out from a Nokia-centric source in China, and it depicts a new Nokia (perhaps 8 or 9), which seems to sport a dual camera with the Zeiss branding on the back. We can't vouch for the diagram, as it's coming from just one source, and might also be just HMD drumming up excitement over its future plans, but that still would show dedication, which bodes well for Nokia fans.

The shape is also a bit different from the rectangular Androids that we were shown at the MWC, so this could be some work in progress over a flagship Nokia indeed. Still, if the design and features are still being fleshed out, don't expect this thing to hit the shelves any time soon, and we'd wager to bet that Nokia will try to capitalize on the holiday shopping seasons with any eventual high-end Android, especially if it has to be powered by Snapdragon 835, which will be a scarce commodity for at least the next few months, with Samsung hogging the supply for its upcoming Galaxy S8 and S8+.

source: @nokibar (Baidu)

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