Alexa will now send SMS messages that you dictate, to recipients with an Android phone

You can now ask Amazon's virtual personal assistant Alexa to send an SMS message that you dictate. This requires a quick adjustment to the Alexa app on your phone. Open the app and head into the Conversations tab. From there, you go to Contacts > My Profile > Send SMS. After this is completed and SMS messages are enabled, you can tell Alexa to "send a message" to someone on your contacts list.

If the recipient of said message owns an Echo, he/she will receive it through Amazon’s Alexa messaging service. If the person getting the message doesn't own an Amazon smart speaker, it will be sent using SMS. If you ask Alexa to "send a text message," it will automatically be sent via SMS right away. Keep in mind that because Apple does not share its messaging API to third parties, this feature will send SMS messages to Android phones only.

The feature is now available on any device that offers Alexa calling and messaging. What if you don't own a device that features Alexa? In that case, you can always send SMS messages that you dictate, through Google Assistant.

source: TechCrunch

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