Add your car to your shared data plan: Audi and Tesla partner with AT&T for the 'first ever in-vehicle 4G LTE'

Add your car to your shared data plan: Audi and Tesla partner with AT&T for the 'first ever in-vehicle 4G LTE'
This year's CES show in Las Vegas seems to be revolving around a few main trends, like wearables and smart connected cars, so the partnership announcements between Audi, Tesla and AT&T shouldn't come as a surprise. What counts as one, however, is that Audi and Tesla are preparing to outfit all of their models with 4G LTE connectivity.

The "first-ever in-vehicle 4G LTE data connection" will arrive in the new 2015 Audi A3 line, and gradually roll out to the other new Audis, and the models of electric car maker Tesla, too. You'll be able to add your car to your Mobile Share data plan (yep), just like you add phones and tablets, which Audi will use for services like "picture navigation, read-aloud news headlines, Facebook and Twitter alerts; access to more than 7,000 Web radio stations; personalized RSS news feeds, and more."




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Son cars will sell with carrier branding. And then phonearena will publish an article "The Audi R8 is now available with Sprint. And then "Black friday deals, audi R8 for free on Verizon wireless"

5. fireblade

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8. RaKithAPeiRiZ

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or how last year's Audi Q5 wont be upgraded to the next version of the OS


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"Kitkat now rolling out to select audi vehicles" lol


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Carriers are smart enough to make deals like this to get you to go over your plan limits. They are so fn smart; sure you have a choice but remember there is only one reason for this....your dough. Who wants a car thats linked only to one carrier that may not be your carrier of choice.

3. Tommy1960i

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Actually you are right. I don't know about it in America but in Europe Different countries have different carriers so if you travel it's not the best idea to be blocked on only one.

6. Augustine

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In Europe usually the carrier is not the same company behind the network. Because of GSM being ubiquitous, many companies came up that offer just a signal and a network and strike roaming agreements with virtually all carriers. Therefore, in Europe, no cellular device is locked to a carrier; the carrier is oftentimes just the one managing the account. It's not unlike the small virtual carrier operators in the US, like Virgin Mobile or Straight Talk. Only in Europe this is the norm and many carriers do not market to consumers. In conclusion, in Europe it doesn't matter, it's all GSM and the devices are all unlocked. And I believe that Audi will not sell cars locked to AT&T, I strongly suspect that a T-mobile SIM card would work as well. The car probably just comes with a multi-band LTE device that works in region 1 (the Americas).

4. Jommick

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For the majority of Americans who tend to stay within the United States this would make sense. Of course, it only makes sense if you absolutely have to have facebook/pandora in your car - can't wait to see the new laws and legislation passed on this.

12. Lucas777

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this is already in audis and most new cars.. the only thing this changes is that now it is faster and can be on a shared data plan for audi and tesla, this is really useful since they use google maps for their maps and run web searches on nearby areas. for car manufacturers who implement pandora and basic functions, there is no need for anything fancy

7. Augustine

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This is a good thing, but, to me, only if it provides a WiFi hot spot in the car. A signal booster inside the car wouldn't be bad either.

13. Lucas777

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audi provides the wifi hotspot on its cars now which are equipped with cellular; i am not sure about tesla

9. monkeylarue1

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How many of you notice the huge issue? Access to certain technology will be based on your wealth. I am fortunate to be able to buy certain technology products. I am aware the majority of the people will be very limited in their access. On another note are we going to get LITE versions of each car?

10. Augustine

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What's new about certain technologies being accessible only to those who can afford it? What's next, after Bush-Obama phones, Obama LTE cars?

11. Gemmol

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I like what the guy above say a mobile hotspot would be nice, but then again AT&T gives hotspot free with any phone so it won't be needed

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