Access to webOS 2.0 SDK halted after virtual keyboard leak

Access to webOS 2.0 SDK halted after virtual keyboard leak
Loose lips sink ships goes the old saying, and passing along secrets about webOS 2.0 can sink a software developer. After someone revealed some secrets to PreCentral about a virtual keyboard for the next webOS build, Palm responded by freezing early access to the SDK. Obviously, the virtual keyboard is a major part of the design of the new OS and based on the tweet sent out by the manufacturer, Palm is a little perturbed. Developers shouldn't expect to receive anything from Palm until Palm is good and ready to release it. In other words, developers have been grounded by Palm and sent to their room without dessert.

source: everythingpre



1. Mahmoud unregistered

thats why palm only has 500 APPS. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. jbarajasp unregistered

hey retard, palm has 4500+ apps... if your gonna talk shit at least know your facts

3. Mahmoud unregistered

oh sorry you just saved the day by adding 4000+ apps thats just prove my point you retard thats palm was losing money and thats why HP owns it and that why not a lot of people know about webos. so if you want me to talk shit then i will. you could take those 4500+ apps and webos and shove them right up you A**. hope you have fun you retard that why idiots like exist in the world.

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