AT&T apologizes for misleading email telling customers to buy new phones

AT&T apologizes for misleading email telling customers to buy new phones
Earlier this week, AT&T sent emails to many customers urging them to buy new phones if they want to keep using its network services. If you didn't know, AT&T plans to discontinue its 3G network, which means that phones that don't support 4G data and voice calls will no longer work on AT&T.

The problem is that AT&T's 3G network won't stop working until at least February 2022, so there's plenty of time for people to switch to other phones. Now, the email sent by AT&T was completely tone-deaf and lacked important information like the fact that customers have plenty of time to buy phones that are compatible with the carrier's 4G network.

It seems that AT&T acknowledged the fact that its email was out of bounds and offered Gizmodo a statement apologizing for the problems that it may have caused.

We still believe that AT&T should have used other tools at its disposal to inform customers about the upcoming changes. Sending emails so early urging customers to buy new phones can only create confusion, which is exactly what happened.


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