AT&T announces eco-rating system for mobile devices and Digital Life home automation platform

AT&T announces eco-rating system for mobile devices and Digital Life home automation platform
As flashy as they may be, the phones and tablets that we enjoy using on a daily basis take a high toll on the environment. That is because manufacturing them uses up more and more of the planet's depleting resources, not to mention the harmful waste that eventually ends up in the atmosphere or in a landfill.

The newly announced eco-rating system, developed by AT&T in collaboration with BSR, is what will inform consumers about the impact that the carrier's devices have on the environment. Eco-ratings by AT&T will be displayed on easy-to-read-and-understand labels attached to each AT&T-branded mobile device.

Whether a given AT&T device will be given a good eco-rating or not will depend on 15 factors, among which the usage of eco-friendly materials and the absence of harmful compounds, such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and others. Manufacturing the device in an energy efficient manner, as well as ensuring its responsible end-of-life treatment will also be of importance.

AT&T plans on implementing its eco-rating system within a few months. Additionally, consumers will be given information as to how the carrier and BSR devised the ratings in the form of a dedicated web page. In the meantime, do not hesitate to check out the video about the AT&T eco-rating below.

The carrier made another announcement today – that of the AT&T Digital Life platform, which is a monitoring and automation system that works over the internet. With AT&T Digital Life, users will have the ability to control their homes or offices with the help of a personal mobile device, such as a smartphone or a tablet.

Here is how the magic happens: various sensors and cameras, which are connected to a control center, are deployed in the user's home or office. By communicating with the control center, the user will be able to remotely monitor all activity. And since the data travels over the internet, keeping an eye will be possible even if the user is out of town, even out of the country.

Even though Digital Life has been developed by AT&T, it will not be limited to AT&T subscribers only. That is because other service providers around the globe will also be able to offer the platform under their own brand name, as long as they are eligible.

Digital Life by AT&T will be made available later this year, and those who attend MWC 2012 in Barcelona will be able to check out the platform in action.

source: AT&T


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