AT&T adds 320,000 new subscribers, rakes up $3.9 billion in profits in Q2 2012

AT&T adds 320,000 new subscribers, rakes up $3.9 billion in profits in Q2 2012
It's that time of the year when all companies are reporting their quarterly financials, and AT&T is no exception – in the second quarter of the year the carrier added 320,000 net new subscribers and raked in profits of $3.9 billion. Those numbers beat analysts expectations, but still are below what AT&T's main rival Verizon Wireless announced last week.

AT&T posted quarterly revenues of $31.6 billion with wireless making up $16.4 billion, growing 4.6% on the year.

At the same time, the operator managed to keep churn at a record low level of 0.97%.

AT&T sold 5.1 million smartphones and interestingly average revenues for smartphones are twice that of other subscribers.

АТ&Т remains the carrier to contribute most new iPhone activations as in Q2 2012 the number hit 3.7 million. Smartphones in general now make up 62% of postpaid phones, up from 50% at the same time last year. AT&T is also bragging about having a third of its users on 4G, but that likely includes HSPA+, not just LTE at the moment.

source: AT&T


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